Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink slip

"After learning they were laid off, about a dozen workers attacked a vehicle carrying Radhey Shyam Roy as he was leaving the factory in eastern Orissa state Thursday, dousing the Jeep with gasoline and setting it on fire, said Police Superintendent Ajay Kumar Sarangi.""Two other people in the vehicle were allowed to flee but Roy, 59, was trapped inside and later died of severe burns, he said"

What was it we were saying about the economic prospects of working-class Americans and the political troubles that might result?

Bet when the senior staff hosts a "roast" for the VP for Management at U.S. Steel this is NOT what they have in mind.


  1. Well, even though I don't condone violence, and that the best method for resolution is through the legal process, I can see how people who feel that the entire social processes are stacked against them would resort to this form of...well...western justice.

    I'm just wondering how bad it's going to get before we start seeing the same thing here.

  2. Some time, I suspect. For one thing, the illusion of democracy keeps the wage-slaves believing that there's a better option, while the myth of the American Dream tempts them to hope that the next Opportunity is Right Around the Corner.

    In India the ruler-ruled dynamic has always been more open, more honset, and more brutal. So the aristos just keep their thumb on the proles most of the time and pay for it with their lives every so often.

    Let me say for the record that the U.S. way leads to greater civil peace and a more tranquil life most of the time, as well as a more equitable society in general.

  3. U.S. way leads to greater civil peace

    Depends upon a lot of variables. As you say, most of the time we have peace. Sometimes that way suppresses and allows political energy to simmer and cook.

    Racial issues still ferment, I saw the news about the arrest of the bomber up by where you are. Anti-abortionists still press their issue and occasionally take the living from us.

    Check this story out.

    Newly minted ( and I'd add, anti-American ) Republican governors from Idaho down to Florida aren't selling the store, they're giving it away to their rich overlords and taking from the old and poor and what's left of the middle class.

    Michael Moore's declared war.

    I'm waiting to see where I can sign up.



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