Friday, March 11, 2011

Half a word

Every so often the Earth likes to remind us that for all our hubris we're still just hairless monkeys with homicidal tendencies. And that for REAL destruction, Mother Earth is one BAD motherfucker.And the quote of the day so far (from Nancy Nall): "I wept because I had three inches of new, wet snow in my driveway, and then I met a man who had 12 feet of Pacific Ocean in his."

Second best quote: Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr (CNN): “Our military doesn’t intervene in foreign countries unless they’re asked for help.”


  1. I spent some time matching pictures to satellite imagery today. This is typical of what I found.

  2. When I think of Japan, I picture a strong, energetic, and resilient people. Plus great engineering, great art, and a love of nature. Wonder how they do it in spite of:

    *nuclear devastation of two cities,
    *and now another radiation threat,
    *firebombed cities,
    *a feudal government during the 20th century,
    *66 years of foreign occupation,
    *and killer typhoons.

    Or maybe I should have said "because of" instead of "in-spite-of".

  3. Fuck me, I thought 89 was bad, but this...this mess Japan just went through makes the 89 quake look like a slight tremor, and with the latest about the reactorholyshitexplosion, and radioactive materials escaping that we can say, "G-d help us all because we are now officially in the shit up to and over our heads!"
    If the Japanese can pull through this, then yeah, resilience is a word I would describe them with, but right now...sorry, but right now them boys and girls are fighting a fight I would not wish on the Republican Party.