Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Flowers of Spring

Taken just a few minutes ago, 8 PM CDT, March 23, 2011. A reminder that all in our world is not violent, ugly, pointless and vain.

King Solomon was not arrayed so.

I'm hoping too that the barkeeps and anyone else that wants to do so will post a picture from where he or she is, something that catches the eye.

More than occasionally.

For me, flowers remind me of many things, depending of course what I'm thinking about at the moment. Right now, the old Pete Seeger song, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone".

Actually, nowhere. They were here before me and and will be long after, too. Just a song.



  1. Purple Crocus (Croci?) popping up here. If I had the smarts I would harvest the saffron, but then I probably have the wrong variety.

  2. OK, not pictures of the first blooms of Spring, as we have blooms all year round, but here's a link to some photos I took recently when I rode my Vespa up to the top of our highest mountain

    March is the greenest month of the year, as the winter rains put everything in bloom. August is brown time. As y delightful neighbor put it, "God makes the winter green for the residents and August brown for the tourists."

  3. Lovely and inspirational. Thanks for the photo challenge.

    Everything is blooming like mad now, and all is covered with a silty yellowish mix. I saw a tree yesterday which was already raining down its white blossoms like snow, covering the street with its once-pretty array. I wish I had caught the flower storm.

  4. It doesn't have to be flowers, Lisa. Never been in a "flower storm", though.

    Thanx for the pix mike and 47!