Friday, March 25, 2011


On the 100th year afterwards, some reflections on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire,1911, and the state of labor and capital in the United States, 2011.


  1. Grandma Opal used to tell us that story. She was never there. But in 1911 she was a 16 year old working in a textile mill in Lewiston ME. The newspaper accounts of that day horrified her.

  2. Chief,
    The men of my family were coal miners, and their safety didn't improve much over the years, even after big disasters. In fact mines are still unsafe, but they're out of sight.
    Miners can't throw themselves out of windows.
    Fires are more evocative.
    Safety is always a concern.

  3. And, we can even show much more horrific pics than that entitled "man & the state/gov"t".

  4. "... in whose pitiless gaze we will see reflected the exact dimensions of our dishonor, the final diminution of our nation, and the precise misery of our fate."

    Powerful. Lest we forget.

    [I think I posted this in the wrong spot, initially.]