Friday, March 4, 2011

Give me your tired, your poor, but especially your landscapers, maids, and nannies.

Texas state representative Debbie Riddle (R-Buttrump) has a great idea.You remember those scary, dangerous Mexicans sneaking into our country to speak Spanish, collect welfare, and generally de-caucasianize our great land? And remember how Real Americans (like Republicans) want to make sure we Defend our Borders and other valuable things, like our precious bodily fluids?

Well, Debbie wants to make sure that those Meskins don't sneak in here flouridating our water n' stuff, so she's proposing that hiring one of these sneaky invaders is a "state jail felony" under Title 8 of the Texas Penal Code.


...the "actor" (person) hiring said beaner did so "for the purpose of obtaining labor or other work to be performed exclusively or primarily at a single-family residence in which the actor resides..."

Texans, rejoice!As our Founders would wish it, your lawns, babies, clean floors, and cooked meals remain Free...and cheap!

Is there a fucking brain cell left in the Republican Party?What the idiot there said: get a brain, morans. Fuck me sideways! Can't anyone here play this game?


  1. Chief,
    Listen to JAMES EARL KEENE 's song MARIANO.
    It's actually touching.

  2. oh lord...seriously, has the GOP just gone completely and totally overboard with self-absorbed, and unrestrained stupidity?
    Is this what we as a nation of "morans!" have become?

    Why does it hurt me so much?

  3. It's the cluelessness of it; I mean, how fucking dumb do you have to be NOT to know that the GOP is vilified as a bunch of rich white douchebags lounging around the country club whilst the poor Mexicans scrub the pool, serve the drinks, and diaper the babies? This is like watching George W. Bush do his "impression" of an overbred rich white frat boy. I mean, I know why she did this - if she doesn't throw in the Laundry Loophole 3/4 of her constituents go to jail! But, honestly - if you know you're going to do this, why even bother?

    This woman is somewhere beyond "seriously stupid" - she's just handed her enemies a live grenade and opened her big mouth, inviting them to us it to blow her fat head off.

  4. FDChief- This woman is somewhere beyond "seriously stupid" - she's just handed her enemies a live grenade and opened her big mouth, inviting them to us it to blow her fat head off.

    Since Ms. Debbie is from Tomball, an 80% white district, any enemies she may have do not influence her election chances. I lived too many years in TX, and we still have a son and his family there. This is representative of higher intellect in their legislature. We are talking about the state that ranks 48th or lower in every measurement of educational outcomes, and is proudly "cutting even more fat" from their education budget. TX deserves Rep Debbie, as well as "Mr Education and Healthcare are not basic rights", Ron Paul. If only their Governor would follow through on his talk of succession. It would raise the average IQ of the country significantly.

  5. I don't see what is so shocking about this at all. I am from Texas, and what I see is a politician (just happens to be a Republican because they are habitually in power in TX) pandering to the concerns of her electorate. Fact is that in many cities in Texas, Hispanics are already the majority. In many other large cities (to include Ft Worth), there will be more Spanish speakers than English speakers. This scares people.

    If Dems were in power in Texas, they would be saying the same stupid stuff. I would almost give her credit for a very savvy political move. Is there any chance her proposal will get passed? No. But she will get cred with her electorate for taking a hard stance on an issue that they feel strong about. Isn't that all that really matters in politics?

    IRT to Al's post about TX education, you are right on the mark. TX is 2nd only to California in population, so keeping a quality education system for all is hard. How has CA done it? Oh yah, they are a failed state. Now you add legitimate concerns that an ever increasing percentage of the school age population doesn't speak English, or does so very poorly. (my mom is a teacher, so I hear about it all the time). This is a legit concern because it dilutes the quality of education. Nothing racist, just a fact that many Texas voters are worried about.

  6. bg-

    Having been faculty in the Univ of TX system, I still have some contacts there. One of the "dirty little secrets" of TX public education is that much of their touted "education accountability and progress" was a fraud. The system could be gamed by school districts, the tricks for gaming it were openly discussed, and as long as the numbers looked good on the American Political Stage, no one cared. GWB's "Texas Education Miracle" was nothing but creative bookkeeping, just as Rick Perry's "Economic Miracle" was smoke and mirrors of a biennial budget process.

    But back to Ms.Debbie protecting indentured servitude while making a symbolic stand against illegals. Yes, shrewd political move.

  7. Al,

    What do you think of this? It shows Texas as average and if you look at specific demographics - for example, Hispanics, this data indicates Texas is above average. Is this what your talking about when you say Texas is gaming the system?

    I lived in Texas recently; it certainly is a weird state with a lot of internal contradictions. In some ares you have people like this elected official, in other areas it's much different. I was in San Antonio which is largely Hispanic. I was surprised to learn it is the 7th biggest city. We have friends in Austin who work for the state government and Austin actually reminded me a lot of Colorado. It's a pretty nice town.

    Attitudes about Texas are also interesting. There are some Texans who have this quasi-nationalist patriotic ferver about their state. Then there are a lot of people that literally hate Texas. I don't really get that either.

    Personally, it was too hot for me and I don't think I would want to settle down in Texas, but I enjoyed my time there much more than I thought I would.

  8. Andy-

    It was recently disclosed that school districts held students back from being in grades in which mandatory testing took place, then jumped them over that grade. Thus, a weak 7th grader would be reported as repeating 7th grade, then after a year or so, jump 8th grade to 9th grade. Consequently, these students would never be tested.

    Also note that the NEAP is a sampling of students, and it too has found to have been be gamed.

    After all is said and done, TX sits at or near the bottom in SAT scores, high school graduation rates, % of population with a HS diploma, and other harder to game stats. 60+% of all recent TX HS grads enrolling at a community college require remedial courses in reading, writing and/or basic math, as they do not possess HS level mastery.

  9. Your first pic at top reminds me of this:


  10. But...but...

    I understand that the bill itself is pandering to her redneck constituents. And I lived in Texas, too - I get that it's different. (And, no, bg, Texas Dems really wouldn't say this, since what Dems there are in Texas are largely Hispanic or poor white who can't afford those vatos trimming the hedges).

    What I don't get is how stupid can you be to write the Laundry Loophole in to your immigration bill and NOT expect to get handed your ass for it?

    I mean, what says "I'm a clueless white country club bitch who can't get by without my dirt-poor wetback nanny and gardener" as much as writing a law that punishes people for employing illegals...and then EXEMPTING people who hire them to help out around the house?

    It's not the pandering, it's not the white-vs-brown, it's not the quasi-nationalist patriotic's the low-down, dog-ass, flat-out, gum-chewin', bone-deep STUPID I don't get.

    How the fuck does this woman walk and chew gum at the same time?

  11. Chief,
    I know i'm OT, but i just can't resist- i wonder if she has a red/white/blue thong on under those starched jeans?
    If she needs help starching them.... I'm her man.
    I just couldn't help but bringing a infy perspective into an otherwise .....

  12. jim: I don't know if it'd be enough to know she was wearing candypants; she looks like a full size Barbie in this stiff jeans. She makes me think of one of those "real doll" things. Gah.

    Mind you, two weeks in the field and I'd probably buy her a mojito and try out to see if those jeans are as starchy as they look...

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