Monday, August 8, 2011

Exciting Times in Wisconsin

The previous 2 posts below this have produced comments about the capability of our fellow citizens to govern themselves, their intelligence and quality of character. As I wrote in my last post about propaganda down below in the basement, our citizens do not have consistently honest media and there is no strong consistent push to investigate and set the record straight.

I was particularly struck by Ranger's story of his encounter with a gun-owner recently. He attempted to set the record straight about the history of gun control to a fellow he met by chance in a shop, who revealed his weapon and growled "I don't speak to liberals!"

The answer to the obvious question here, how did this fine patriotic fellow get to the point where he feels he needs at least one weapon to carry around in public and where he has closed his ears to clear-as-crystal historical, factual truth, is without a doubt the constant drumbeat from the NRA and Fox that the government wants to take weapons from Americans, to deprive us of our rights.

It is curious, that this one amendment to the Constitution, about citizens and weapons, seems supreme above all in some circles.

The people of Wisconsin have found out the true nature of the people they elected to state office last November, they have learned how the people they voted for, or didn't vote for, for all intents and purposes, flat-out lied about their plans for the state and its people.

Wisdom comes to us from 2 sources: Actual Experience and Communicated Experience.

I hope this election tomorrow shows the rest of us how to take back our society from elements among us who do not have the best interests of our country at heart.

Go Wisconsin!


  1. two gone, need to still take down the District #8 gop senator, Ms Darling (?). She is down 110 votes at 9pm with 68% counted. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her recall.

  2. crap, she is pulling away. Hope those uncounted precincts are heavily dem

  3. 4-2. Not much to show for all that. The People have spoken...and what they have said is "Fuck you, tax-fattened state worker hyenas!"

    Nice to know that when pushed, the U.S. public will fight like the devil to ensure that YOUR boss can fuck you as bad as MY boss. We'd rather feel comforted that the public employees get the same shitty medical insurance and "pension" deals we have than think that it might just be better for those of us not living in Millionaire Acres to ALL have the same insurance and pension deals that the public employees had.

    Oh, well.

  4. And welcome back to our Tea Party World, Wisconsin. You know you didn't REALLY want to leave it, don't you..?

  5. I think you'll have to admit, Chief, that going into the Republican Lions' den, challenging 6 of them with a recall, and coming out with a couple of victories is impressive. All those districts that voted yesterday were Republican.

    The Pasch v. Darling contest was within a couple threee thousand votes of going Democratic. And wouldn't you know it, the same Waukesha County that was entangled in controversy over last spring's State Supreme Court election is entangled again.

    There is a request for Eric Holder and the DoJ to investigate, just like there was last spring. But apparently Holder's more interested in poor schmucks like Manning than possible voting/election fraud in Wisconsin.

    And the Kochs were pumping money into those races at a tremendous rate.

    The biggest item, though, was the huge crowds that kept protesting and raising hell, the big numbers that came out to vote.

    I'm sure Gov. Walker's next to feel the heat of a recall, and this one will be statewide.


  6. Basil, you're closer to this than I am and your glass half full sentiment is noted. However, from where I sit, this is same-old, same-old. I go with the Chief's analysis: As with so many Americans, Wisconsin voters want to drag everybody down to their own level. I can hear it now in the trailer parks: "Well, shit, don't matter to me what happens to them state people. They're just Commies, anyway. What's gummint do for us? Fuck them."

    We see this throughout the nation. The Republicans have won in their campaign to paint public employees as being generally worthless. Honesty compels us to also admit that it doesn't help that too many fit the bill. Who hasn't encountered a surly DMV clerk, a seemingly brain-damaged tax collector or an employee who barely speaks English? In this nation, government work is viewed as the last refuge of the incompetent, lazy or otherwise unemployable. Every time a government clerk shits on a citizen, it hurts the Democratic Party. It doesn't matter that the citizen may be a moron or a criminal. It only matters that he/she was "wronged" by a public employee.

    I guess most of our fellow citizens never heard of Thomas Paine: “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.” What am I thinking? Of course they haven't heard of Thomas Paine.

    Things haven't gotten tough enough yet.