Friday, July 29, 2011

Draft Speech for President Obama

My Fellow Americans:

Tonight I wish to reassure you that the Will of The People, as embodied in our Constitution will be fulfilled. Have no doubt of that.

As you have all witnessed, there is a hard core group of legislators who feel empowered to hold their fellow Americans, as well as the rest of the world hostage to their threats of economic terrorism in order to advance their political agenda.

As one who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, I have no issues with the party in power setting the agenda for the future. The Constitution provides for that. If one does not accept the right of the party in power to set the agenda, then one does not accept democracy nor the Constitution. And when a single party is not in power, I also realize that compromise must be made to move our government in any direction. However, nowhere in the Constitution is there a provision for holding the nation, no less the world, hostage to extreme ideology by disavowing previous legal debts of the United States.

However, the crisis we face today has nothing to do with the future course of our great country. Rather, a minority group of ideological zealots feel that they have the right to disavow previous Congressionally approved and Constitutionally authorized fiscal obligations of our government unless they have their way with future obligations. Many of these economic terrorists, hiding in the robes of members of Congress, voted for the very obligations that they now threaten to disavow. While they attached no strings to the obligations when they voted for them over the past many years, they now add the caveat that unless their political agenda is not accepted, they will ensure that our country, as well as the rest of the world will suffer the consequences. They are willing to effectively be deadbeats, at the expense of the world, to make their point. They are persons without honor.

Today, not only are Americans watching the arrogant antics of these economic terrorists and shaking their heads, but so is the rest of the world. How dare this small band of irresponsible ideological power seekers threaten to undermine the savings, pensions, jobs, investments and general well being of not only their fellow countrymen, but every human being on the planet who exhibited faith and trust in our country.

If it were not so tragic, I would have to laugh at the fact that some of the most ardent members of this band of economic terrorists claim an unswerving devotion to the Constitution, but obviously have never taken the time to read and understand it. Some 143 years ago, We, The People, seeing that ideological zealots might choose to be deadbeats on the nation's legal debts to further their extreme partisan causes, amended our Constitution to add,

"The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned."

As President, and head of the Executive Branch of our government, I hereby instruct the offices and workers of the Executive Branch, the branch that carries out the work of the government of the United States each and every day of the year, to support and defend our Constitution. Unlike the economic terrorists on Capital Hill, who do not do the day to day work, the Executive Branch, in compliance with the 14th Amendment, will honor the legally legislated debt of our country. Every last penny of it. That is what the Constitution says, and that is what those of us who have sworn to support and defend that Constitution are obliged by a solemn oath to so. And, I might mention, an oath made with the words, "So help me God", lest the Religious Right not realize how solemn that oath is to be taken.

Therefore, on behalf of those who do support and defend the Constitution, as well as all in the world who have placed trust and faith in our government, I reject those who would threaten to reneg on our nation's legal and binding debt, and expose you for what you truly are - economic terrorists.

My Executive Order to honor our nation's debt should not be necessary, but alas it is. The United States will, at least on my watch, be an honorable country that keeps its word. If the people wish to change course and be a nation of deadbeats, feel free to do so at the next election. Until then, I will support and defend the entire Constitution, to include the 14th Amendment, as I solemnly swore to do.

If you Tea Party folks are feeling discomfort from my actions, perhaps it's because I just shoved the Constitution up your asses, placing it closer to your brains than ever before.

Good night and God Bless the United States of America.


  1. Good one Al. Too bad he will never say those words.

  2. I voted for him, I hoped for him, and he's not the worst president we've ever had.

    IMHO, that's reserved for Dubya.

    But Obama's the worst president wem could ever have gotten for this particular time in our country's history.

    This dog don't hunt, bite or even bark.


  3. Great potential speech, but it wouldn't allow him to sell-out the farm, would require fighting for principle, which this administration will never do . . .

  4. Seydlitz-

    A neighbor of mine put it this way: He thinks like a legislator (compromises) rather than an executive (leader).

  5. "He thinks like a legislator (compromises) rather than an executive (leader)."

    Now that I've read this a couple of times to let sink in, I now believe your neighbor's perception is quite correct.

    But we're still screwed.

  6. Yes, sheer, we are screwed. A minority of the total legislator can hold the country hostage in a situation like this. Actually, as far the Constitution is concerned the president can accept the will of the Congress or veto when it comes to legislation. He can't force legislation. Of course, he compromised himself as a leader from day one, when he had a majority in both chambers and did not kick ass and take names. Unlike a parliamentary form of government, the President is not the official leader of his ruling party, as is a prime minister. Nor is he the leader of a coalition. With the GOP under severe pressure from the Teabaggers, rational decisions will not come from that quarter, either. Thus, we are being subjected to economic terrorism by people who don't even understand the devastation they might be unleashing. Pure and simple ideology, coupled with the high of being able to wield power, even if only in a negative sense.

    If I were Obama, I would resign, convince Biden to resign with me and let Boehner see what it's like to be at the helm. My bet is that he and his minions would do so much damage that even the US Chamber of Commerce wold be screaming for a "progressive" government in a couple of years. That's if we haven't become a totally owned subsidiary of China by then.

    If stupidity is the will of the people, then let them exercise stupidity. That's what a democracy is for. Yes, Virginia, the Constitution can be a suicide pact. It provides no guarantee of adult supervision.

  7. Al-

    Agree, Obama should resign, and create a political crisis, but he won't do that will he? Because in reality we stopped being a democracy some time ago. It's about the interests of the elites at this point, and they assume that the corporate interests will be able to pick up the pieces . . . Essentially as you indicate our future is in the hands of the Chinese who may or may not see the continuance of this farce in their interest.

  8. "Because in reality we stopped being a democracy some time ago..."

    I don't want to stop thinking we're a democracy...because if we're not a democracy anymore, then it means we're a...I can't do it...I can bring myself to say it!

    Dammit, Seydlitz, I'm trying to hold on to that thin, fraying thread of hope that the sham I still believe in can be redeemed because if I don't...fuck me...then it means I have to address what we really are...and I just don't want to do that. I don't want to admit what we really, truly are...I can't....I can't give up hope on our constitution...that somehow, someway we can pull this out of the sewer before it all goes flushing down.

  9. "But Obama's the worst president we could ever have gotten for this particular time in our country's history.

    "This dog don't hunt, bite or even bark."

    Agree. I voted for him, too, and I am deeply disappointed. I don't regret the vote—how could I have ever voted for the alternative?—but I'm ineffably sad when I think of what might have been. Obama went off the rails when he chose to focus on what turned out to be a kluge of a health care program instead of just staying with the economy, particularly the jobs issue. The whole health care debacle weakened him immensely and rightly so: it's a POS. It's been all downhill since.

    Al, this is a masterful post. Too bad it's just another bit of fantasy. And you're absolutely right about that old will of the people stuff.

    I think we're nearing the crisis to which Seydlitz refers, but it's really hard to guess how it will play out. Some commentators whom I respect believe the Republicans have overreached grievously, but who knows? Even the WSJ—which I don't respect—believes this. Unfortunately, Obama has continually demonstrated an uncanny knack for bringing a knife to a gun fight.

    Personally, I'd like to see him go the 14th Amendment route. But only after allowing things to go to shit for a few days. Maybe he could pull off the savior thing and expose the Republican Party for what it really is. Or not.


  10. Publius:

    but I'm ineffably sad

    No, not you. Your sadness is distinctly "effable".

    What an erudite group we are! :)


    A neighbor of mine put it this way: He thinks like a legislator (compromises) rather than an executive (leader).

    If Obama is thinking like a legislator, then I'm thinking he's a ver poor legislator.

    Here's a better description of Obama's haggling skillz:

    By: TBogg Friday July 22, 2011 7:25 am

    By popular request, a re-run from last November:

    Barack Obama is walking down the street when he looks in a neighbors garage and sees an old rusty push mower. Knocking on the door, he is surprised to see that it’s John Boehner’s house.

    “Hey John. I couldn’t help but notice that fine lawnmower in your garage. How much do you want for it?”

    “Well I wasn’t planning on selling it, but I guess I’d let it go for $20.”

    Obama thinks about it for a moment. “Okay I’ll give you $25.”

    “But I said I’d sell it to you for $20.”

    Obama looks away, calculating in his head. “Okay. You got me. $30.”


    Obama smiles. “You drive a hard bargain, John. But $35 is as high as I’m going to go.”

    Boehner, now even more confused, “Seriously. I wasn’t gong to sell it, but $20 is more than fair for it. It’s rusty and the blades need sharpening and one of the wheels is wobbly and falls off every once in awhile.”

    Seeing an opening, Obama replies. “Fine. Let’s compromise. $38.”

    Shrugging his shoulders, Boehner says “Okay. Fine. Whatever. $38. Take her away” and Obama hands Boehner two crisp twenty dollar bills and starts pushing the creaking mower down the street.

    Looking up from the two twenties in his hand, Boehner calls out, “Wait. I owe you two dollars.”

    A smiling Obama looks over his shoulder and waves. “That’s alright. You can keep the change.”


  11. bb-

    A legislator is not a sole executive, and thus does not think in terms of his decisions (votes) being absolute. Rather, as any mob psychologist will tell you, his sense of responsibility for his actions is diminished by the cube of the number of people voting. In effect, no sense of personal responsibility. It takes a majority to make a decision, so no legislator feels the total burden of such decisions. One seeks compromise to gain a majority, and no one in that compromised body bears sole responsibility, just very diluted responsibility.

    An executive is where the buck stops, and must make decisions for which he is solely responsible. Obama tended to "pre-compromise" all his proposals to make them more palatable to an imagined audience, and then further compromised his already sub-optimal offer once the opposition raised objections. In short, we needed a roast beef dinner, proposed a less costly "compromise" cube steak, and was served a baloney sandwich on stale bread, which he joyfully accepted.

  12. Al-

    This is a very interesting distinction. I would add that Obama from the beginning of his term attempted to portray himself as "above the fray", played to the meme of "the usual DC partisanship", thus distancing himself from his own party.

    This goes along with the notion that somehow individuals can be "objective" when in fact their interests are clearly involved. For instance in my recent collective bargaining experience I was confronted by fellow colleagues who claimed to be "objective" in our dispute with management, but were simply mirroring management's arguments, essentially currying favor at the expense of the collective.

    Success in political negotiations (questions involving power or simply who gets what, when and how) requires two partisan sides that struggle to hammer out a solution, but with the assumption that a solution can in fact be worked out and is in the interest of the community as a whole, and that the other side is not an enemy, but simply a political opponent.

  13. I am not disappointed in the man. I expected him to screw over the country from the day he won my state caucus where he was pushed by a coalition of starry-eyed college kids, some war-weary older citizens who fell for the BS that he would bring all the troops home, and some crossover Republicans who thought he would be easier to beat than HRC. Unfortunately we are now stuck with him.

    But we need to take back the Supreme Court. So let us hope he does not resign. And let us hope he has not angered his base so bad that he cannot be re-elected. The alternative is too dire to contemplate.

  14. Well, Al, I wish we'd elected you. This debt ceiling "deal" is the final word on the man; he would rather "compromise" than govern, and the Teatards and their GOP sock puppets are our new Masters.

    If things go as I expect, in a decade we will be in full Gilded Age mode, and any chance of returning to the Eisenhower America of post-WW2 will be gone for decades, if ever.

    We have had our Revolt of the Gracchi, and, damn, the results are looking pretty revolting.

  15. Chief-

    Thanks for the compliment,but no thanks for the job offer. The Presidency has ceased to be a functional office, and under Obama, even more so.

    Our government is dysfunctional, and in many ways due to what has been called "Extra-Constitutional" actions, legislation and Congressional rules. Legislation and rules that fall outside, of and destroy, the intent of the Constitution for sound governance. And, these Extra-Constitutional measures have grown in number and synergy to amazing proportions.

    The Debt Ceiling is a good example. It was originally instituted not to govern, but to handcuff future governments. However, at the time, I am sure it's authors had no idea that the Congress could become so polarized and bound by Extra-Constitutional rules that it would become a weapon of economic terrorism as a minority faction constipated the legislative process to put the world on the brink of potentially irreparable harm.

    We have reached the point where "Winning isn't everything, placing the blame is the only thing". And if you can't place the blame, then at least avoid it.


  16. mike, I don't think you can put any trust that Obama will put anyone on SCOTUS that will do us any good, considering the number of times he has not stood up to the Republicans to oppose them.

    For the first time in my life, I can honestly say it won't matter whether Obama gets another term or not. He's been rolled so many times we might as well christen him "Obama RoundHeels".


  17. Boy, am I depressed by the political news. Even FDChief's boy, Douthat is kind of down in the dumps. You can tell from his column today that he, too wishes Obama were made of sterner stuff. Actually, Republican or not, I think Douthat does in fact realize what those teabag clowns are doing to the nation.

    Got sidetracked yesterday before I could praise Mike for his thoughts about Obama and SCOTUS. Was going to say, "Right on, Mike, maybe we can at least salvage something from this disaster of a presidency." Not going to say that now. I think Basil's got the word on that one. I also agree with Basil in that another term for Obama won't matter one bit. I just want to keep the Senate. And if not, I hope the Dems will keep at least 41 seats. I think we be on the road to perdition.

    Hey, maybe Obama's just doing his version of the Ali rope-a-dope and he's merely waiting for the right time to go all gangbusters.

    You think?

  18. Publius: Nope. He HAS no principles, and since the Teatards have no sanity, he ends up backing up further and further until - woops! - over he goes. The fucker goes over quicker than a Gresham hootchie outside of six mojitos on Fleet Week.

    Nope. We're fucked. In a sense, now I just want to get the next horrible decade over with, where the manic children wreck everything to the point where even the mushy middle realizes that giving these people anything - anything - is like handing a live grenade to a drunken monkey.

    So there's my slogan for 2012: Vote Republican - let's just fucking get it over with."

  19. basil -

    You are right that he will not appoint a judge to SCOTUS that would satisfy the left of the Democratic Party. But expect he will appoint someone left-moderate. And the alternative is another Scalia or other corporate suck-up if he is not re-elected.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. mike, I don't think so. Obama's record WRT appointments to federal courts is way behind other president's score, which tells me he just does not support these people much at all.

    If Obama has another oppportunity to appoint a justice to the SC, I'm positive the Repubs would put on their fright wigs and "booga booga booga!" in Obama's face and he would back down. And look for a candidate with "bipartisan" backing.

    I just do not have any confidence in the man at all.

    For those of you who do read Douthat, you must read this if you haven't done so yet.

    I would not be doing my job (this fake night-time one that you are currently soaking in) if I did not give all due credit to Brad DeLong for excavating this wonderful nugget of Douthat-iana:

    One successful foray ended on the guest bed of a high school friend’s parents, with a girl who resembled a chunkier Reese Witherspoon drunkenly masticating my neck and cheeks. It had taken some time to reach this point–”Do most Harvard guys take so long to get what they want?” she had asked, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I wasn’t sure what to say, but then I wasn’t sure this was what I wanted. My throat was dry from too much vodka, and her breasts, spilling out of pink pajamas, threatened my ability to. I was supposed to be excited, but I was bored and somewhat disgusted with myself, with her, with the whole business… and then whatever residual enthusiasm I felt for the venture dissipated, with shocking speed, as she nibbled at my ear and whispered–”You know, I’m on the pill…”

    Since we lack context, we have no idea why this “foray” was considered “successful” unless:

    •Ross was congratulating himself because he was able to deny himself her drunken chunky charms and therefore he was able to respect himself the next morning.
    •Ross realized that he would be killing millions of potential babies by ejaculating into her Chamber of Whores, and that makes the Baby Jesus cry.
    •Ross scored boobies which is man enough where he comes from.
    Moving on:

    •“Masticating”? Really? Masticating? What? She was a zombie chewing on his neck and cheeks because braaaaaaaains weren’t available?
    Obviously, Douthat has “issues” when it comes to sex and it may be difficult for future NY Times readers to peruse his future columns without dwelling on the misty water-colored memories of a young man on the precipice of manhood who was limpified by a chubby succubus with a hankering for Harvard man-meat.

    And ask yourself this: how often does that happen?

    Like, never, that’s how often.


  22. To all,
    What is there to say.?!
    I hear all of you and roger the cmts.
    Let's look at post ww2 that Chief talks about.
    Truman,Ike, JFK, Johnson,Nixon Ford. Whether we like them or not , at least they were adult leadership and not blips on the radar screens of life. They were not empty slogans.
    I think the seeds of sorrow were planted by Truman and post war anxiety, but bore fruition with Reagan/41/Clinton /43 and now Obomba.
    I'd ride your asses and say i told you so re; O but what was the alternative as Publius points out? Sure Mc Cain was in the senate for a while , but evaluate the times as well as the man.
    We must change the way we select our leaders. How can we really accept men like the evangelicals that back up outta the sewers of Texan cess pools? How can a man like O take center stage? tbc.

  23. To all,
    Possibly i'm all wrong and we need to address how we phrase the questions rather than how we pick the leaders. We operate in a unreal zone that makes the twilight zone seem to be real.
    Whatever we do we are not addressing the needs of the nation.
    I like all Americans am lost, and i won't be unlost by casting a meaningless vote.