Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Warning, this is a rant...

Sorry guys, but I need to get this off my chest...the news...I'm pissed!

Begin Rant

I'm calling bullshit on the following...

Republicans and Tea-partiers

Get over yourselves already.
You lost the 2008 Presidential election, quit whining.
You're acting as if it is ordained by divine writ that the Republicans win all elections, and I'm more than willing to point out that that writ only exists in your juvenile mind.
Oh, yes, and further more, before anyone of you asshole GOP'ers or Tea-Partiers are ever allowed to comment to any newscaster or journalist you must first read the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, take a competency test to ensure comprehension, and then, and only then can you open that pie hole you call your mouth.


You...seriously, what the hell?
Who are you?
A Republican doppelganger?
I don't know who the f**k you are, but I certainly didn't vote for your ass. I voted for Obama, but somehow, someway it seems John McCain became President...and I wnat to know...what the hell happened...a soul switch?
I want that Obama guy from 2008 to be running this country, not you...whoever you are!

And finally..


Seriously people...your worldview blows chunks!
Your bullshit worldview is what brought us to this point.
Guess what...America, you are not the good guy.
America has done, and is doing evil.
That's right, I used the word that throw atheists into fits because it means that an opposing moral exists called holy, and we are so far from holy we reek of shitty results that we have authored, and that needs to come to a freaking halt.
Now, America, you may be wondering, "what is he talking about" so here it is...

Your bullshit worldview is what brought us GITMO, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan war, the failed banks, the BP oil spill in the gulf, our trashed economy, and most of our problems stem from our gutless inability to confront our irrational fears of sickly little wannabe-Caliph hiding in dimly lit caves coughing his gloating rants over grainy videos.
Seriously, I think our forefathers would roll their eyes at the lot of us, and tell us to GROW THE FUCK UP!
How you go to this point?
It wasn't overnight, sweetpea, it was a series of fucked up, bad decisions that you said, "okay" too each time our government crossed the fucking red "never-cross-this-line-ever-no-matter-what!" line.
So consider this your wake up call, America, Grow the Fuck Up!
Learn your history, stop being afraid, live within your means, stay the hell out of other countries, be practical and fair in your business dealings, and don't give a motherf^&%9^&*% inch on your freedoms and rights that our ancestors paid dearly.

You are too willing to cashier your rights for unfulfillable promises, you need to stop that, and now!
Because if you don' will, and believe me you are not going to like that one.damn.bit.


thank you.

End Rant.


  1. why does your rant sound so much like mine????


  2. Why do you sound so much like my boy JS sounded this past Tuesday night?

    Must be catching.

    So what has got you all riled up, sheera?

    Did you listen to the mushy, half-baked spew from the Oval Office last night, like the stuff that you heard starting from "The Speech" at the Dem. convention in 2004 all the way up to last night?

    Knowing that in 6 months the only real change will be that that hole will finally, or maybe?, be plugged and the US coastline from LA up to VA will lined with oil residue?

    The same kind of BullShit we've heard for years with the only change happening is that the lot of the Common Murrican Peon worsens. We got the best government money can buy, and yes we deserve it.

    Yeah, must be catching, and as I type this, JS is back at it again tonight.

    Personally, I think it's just some of us are waking up to the fact that we do not have a functional democratic government. It's rule by money, corporations and influence emanating from an amoral American aristocracy interested only in personal profit.

    The reason immigration reform isn't effective is that there are interests in this country that want that cheap, easily disposed of labor. The reason we don't have a modern proven health care system like the rest of civilization on this planet is because senators' wives sit on the boards of insurance, medical or drug corporations.

    The reason we have the government we have is because the American electorate allowed corporations and monied interests to buy them for us.

    So sorry if I horned in on your lovely rant. :)


  3. That's funny.

    We (Europeans) said the same for years, the response was nation-bashing.
    Maybe the problem boils down to a simple readiness to compare yourself to others without bias and draw consequences?

    Times have changed in general. The GWOT craze is mostly over, the financial crisis craze is almost over, people begin to remember that they need to use the rational half of their brain as well.
    This time of reckoning is important for military budgets, foreign policy and domestic policy.

  4. Obama? Could it have possibly something to do with that strange green pod that Dick Cheney left in the Oval Office?

  5. Sven - "Times have changed in general. The GWOT craze is mostly over, the financial crisis craze is almost over, people begin to remember that they need to use the rational half of their brain as well."

    I REALLY, REALLY WANT to agree with you, but I don't see it here in America. If anything, it's going the other way. People are talking about restoring (or even expanding!) Bush's tax cuts.

    They are explaining to themselves that Obama isn't doing anything about the oil spill. This one drives me nuts, like what can he do? Get a shovel and start cleaning a beach by hand? Or should he just wave a magic wand and make it go away?

    When I question them on it, they mostly indicate that they are bored or frustrated with the story and want to move on to something happier and entertaining.

    They are explaining to each other that financial regulation is evil and all we need to regain our financial footing is to wholeheartedly trust the same people who put us in this mess in the first place. The bankers have learned their lesson, right?

    You betcha! They've learned that donating just a few thousand dollars to the right congressman solves THEIR problem and makes it OUR problem. Fortunately, they've got a LOT of cash stuffed away so they are JUST fine.

    I've recently heard the average man on the street explain that he needs a fully automatic M-16 to go deer hunting. Not sure why, could it be that the deer have been communicating with OBL? What next, having the government issue hand grenades to go fishing?

    It's obvious that the self-absorbed American people have gone completely nuts and I don't foresee the return to rationality any time soon. You see, that would require the American people to look at all of the messes they've created and say to themselves, "I've screwed up and need to fix this." And we are a LLLOOONNNGGG way away from that. I think we are currently just coming out of Anger and going into Bargaining in the 5 steps of Grief. Next comes Depression, that will sure be a LOT of fun!

  6. I think you're saying what a lot of us feel, sheerah. I never bought the whole "change" Obama thing myself but I thought that, at the very least, we'd begin to see a U.S. government that would act less like the blind mice that worked for Dubya. But, you're right, it's "meet the new boss, same as the old boss"...

    Frustrating, at the very least...

    Sven; we Americans have always been bad at self-analysis - please consider that there are, what, a couple of dozen of us here compared to hundreds and more over at one of the smug, self-satisfied "USA! USA!" blogs like Powerline? So I wouldn't say that we're anywhere near understanding the problems that we create, and the problems within our society and out government that create them.

    And, as I discussed with Andy, there is a LOT more that Obama could have done, with the banksters, with BP, with the GWOT. In every case he chose to ride the "expert" hobbyhorse to, in my opinion, his and our detriment. He turns out to be a mediocre, tin-eared, technocratic sort of politician, a sort of Bob MacNamara for the 21st Century. I'm not letting all the other usual suspects off the hook, but it would have helped if Obama had had a little FDR in him.

    Sadly, I don't think strong-willed, intelligent people like George Washington, Andrew JAckson, Abe Lincoln or FDR would be electable in today's U.S.


  7. Sheer,
    And your point is WHAT????

  8. Proof of the above:

    Geez, Jim, Sheer warned us that it was a tirade. No need or time for questions in a tirade, donchaknow.



  9. Proof of the opinions expressed above:

    Geez Jim, Sheer warned us that he was here on a tirade. No need or time for questions in a tirade, donchaknow...



  10. @FDChief:
    I'm not sure it's the analysis. It's probably more the execution.

  11. Have you read Matt Yglesias's book "Heads in the Sand"? I think it has a good explanation of how we got here and why the Obama administration is acting more like the former Clinton administration than the campaign promises he made in 2008. Not sure if he has the solution, I'm only half way through the book, but he's nailed the problem. Also very frustrated.

  12. Meet Texas CongressCritter Joe Barton, as he kneels before Tony Heyward of BP to offer his services:

    Does anyone need further evidence to explain why we're in the mess we are?


  13. Sven: I think it starts with the analysis, or rather, the lack of it. We don't think much about what we do; our default position is and pretty much has always been "...may she always be right but my country, right or wrong."

    And, obviously, if you get the facts wrong and the analysis wrong your execution is wrong, too.

    For some reason the U.S. governing class and a large segment of the U.S. public have managed to get themselves locked into a mental stupid box full of magical thinking and a general failure to be able to reason from causes to effects or analyze effects to root out causes.

    Not that this is anything new; we've been doing this since the War of 1812. It's kind of sad to think that a superpower can be this kind of casual stupid, tho...

  14. Chief,
    It's not only facts that you can get wrong, but also assumptions can be wrong.But , i guess ,that's what you're calling analysis.

    That's one of my favorite themes.

  15. Pluto: ". Next comes Depression, that will sure be a LOT of fun!"

    So you've read Krugman's column today, then :)

    What amazes me is that we're going to make *such* a great example for future historians. So well documented, and with ample prior examples of what to avoid. Even for the elites, who do have a vested interest in not collapsing the system which gives them their money......

  16. A friend of mine commented after seeing 'Terminator 3' that it offered an interesting perspective on Skynet's war against humanity. If you are software running on the internet, and want to stay active, step #1 now beomes "Don't nuke the internet". I guess that Skynet was modeled after Wall St bankers.

  17. No...I don't feel better, and watching the news just...I don't to me.
    I think Obama's speech finally put me over the top of my volume of how much bullshit I can handle.
    And that is what is happening in our nation today...bullshit.
    Bullshit media, bullshit government, and the people being interviewed on television, the tea's like, "seriously people, this is what you want everyone to see of yourselves?"

    I try very hard to remain above the fray, remain dispassionate, analytical, cold, emotionless, but for some reason...I just cannot abide stupidity.
    I just don't tolerate stupidity.
    I have no patience for it.
    In fact, I hate it.
    And yet, I feel like I'm being talked to like "Oh yeah, you're stupid, Sheer, so let me tell you what I know you're walnut sized brain wants to hear cause you a good ol'murican boy."
    And that is what Obama did to me...and I wanted to drop kick his ass back to 2008 and scream, "remember this...remember all the things you spoke of! Was that just gas seeping from your mouth when you said this!"
    And then...because we TiVo Jon Stewarts unfortunate for Obama...that I watched it...and I blew a gasket.

    Jim, you asked, "what is my point?"
    My point is that I...for some odd reason, believe in the ideals of this country...that those ideals...are worth...reaching for, striving for...working towards, and it seems...present company excluded, along with my own immediate family...that I'm the only one who feels this way.
    hence the reason why I called bullshit on the American people...our fellow countrymen are cowards, and fat little lizards who inflate themselves when the Star Spangled Banner blares out the colors in a public forum, but as soon as the bearded weasel OBL croaks out, "death to America" those very same patriotic lizards suddenly deflate, scramble for a spot under a rock and piss themselves in fear.

    How did we get to this point?
    How did we become such blatant, self-indulgent retards who will cashier everything including our own children to be protected by a mealy mouth little weasel in Pakistan who hasn't much longer for this world?
    I just don't know how we got to this point...I really don't...but just depresses me to hear it on a daily basis.'s beer time...perhaps a beer will help me think a little better as I let slip the coils of concern that have wrapped themselves around me and addled my perspective.

  18. @sheerahkahn
    "How did we get to this point?"
    Lack of political organization & education. You simply allowed wealth concentration to proceed unopposed. Greed is good, innit?
    S*&t, every greedy little fu*&er and his brother voted W 'cause he/she might get a 50 cent tax-cut and supersize their happy meal. Sorry for the outburst, but it's just as maddening for the rest of the world as it is for you. Howard Zinn notwithstanding, some of us foreenurz still had hopes the US would turn into what it claimed to be. Alas, Washington.

    "I just don't know how we got to this point...I really don't..."
    My 2 cents:
    - establishment learned the right lessons after the 60s and proceded to methodically shape political consciousness and undermine/discredit education, social programmes, etc. - i.e., opposition's strongholds;
    - organized labour (fat and lazy) went along and got what they deserved;
    - repeal of Fairness Doctrine and permitting media "consolidation";
    - Southern Strategy (making poor whites vote to slash their own throats economically);
    - left field politics is unappealing to selfish ignorants (70-80% of human race) when they are comfortable;
    - winning the Cold War

    Cheers from Urope

    PS Piss off about atheists & evil. You drank too much catholic/fundie kool-aid. Epicurus predates jeebus & the babble, ok?
    Now ... live long and prosper :-)

  19. Sheer,
    How did we get this way?
    It started in 1492 and went down hill from there.
    Man is less than a beast, so what do we expect from him??
    We are self destructive and can't see the implications of our actions, which we can always justify thru twisted logic.
    Then throw in some god dust, some patriotism and off you go.
    I was yanking your chain.I try not to rant , but my life is probably one big rant.