Friday, June 4, 2010


Sorry to break in, but...

One of our contributors - Lisa, of RangerAgainstWar (as well as the Story Project and an author over at Big Brass Blog, among others) - is under the weather from the dreaded Fever of Unknown Origin (medspeak for "Fuck if I know...give 'em some antibiotics and hope it's some sort of infection.").

You might drop by RAW if you get a moment and send her a get-well card. Or a mash note. Something. She's good people, and isn't feeling quite the thing at the moment.

"Though I am wounded, I am not dead.
Lie me down to bleed awhile and I will rise to fight again."


  1. Chief,
    Lisa is safely ensconsed in a air conditioned environment, to help her fever.
    Monday she will revisit the Dr. since she is still feverish.
    Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. Your antibiotic comment reminded me of a joke I'd heard:

    A group of doctors went duck hunting one morning. As they sat waiting in their boat, a flock of ducks flew by.

    The psychiatrist pointed his gun at the birds, took aim, but didn't fire. "It looked like a duck, but it didn't feel like a duck," he explained.

    The next time some ducks flew by, a general internist took aim, fired and a duck fell from the sky. "I got a duck, rule out pheasant, rule out quail," he said to the others.

    Next, a surgeon pointed his gun at some ducks flying overhead and shot and another duck fell from the sky. He fished the carcass from the water, picked it up and showed it to the pathologist, asking, "Is this a duck?"

    Finally, when more ducks flew overhead, the family physician whipped out an Uzi and started spraying bullets in the general direction of the birds. After dozens of ducks landed in the lake around them, the family doctor said, "I don't know what it was, but I think I got it."

  3. Ael: re: your doctors, I left this comment over at RAW in re: the whole "FUO" question;

    Medic1: This fucker's got some sort of swinging fever, asymptomatic other than the temp, bloodwork and UA inconclusive. WTF, over?

    Other Medics (chorus) FUO!

    Old Doc: Damn, cherry, where you been? Dude's got some sorta infection, you'll never chase it down. Load up the PCN-derviative, knock it down, it's all good.

    The Group: Daaaaaaymn!

  4. Dearest FDC,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts -- I was definitely in a swoon, but feel I'm on my way back to wellness. Just a bit dizzy (which some might say is a usual state.)

    Funny joke, Ael.

  5. Lisa-

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better . . . have a quick recovery.