Sunday, June 27, 2010

History Quiz

Extra Credit Bloggie Points: Who, Occasion, and Why I Put It Up.


  1. VJ Day, Times Square, 1945.....Squid protaganist is, I believe unknown....The Nurse just died this past week at 91. Why you posted it? So we're mind readers, already? Fareed Zakariah posted the pic on the last part of his show, and boldly pronounced how the long/schlong wars in Iraq and Bananistan were not going to look like this at their eventual sputterings out/ppfffft. What a Seer....Nostradamus, watch out!

    One can't be too cynical though...Whoever is in charge of Uncle Sugar's Clown Train, at the time, will surely arrange for a confetti strewn parade for the troops, in the Big Apple.

    Maybe they can shred the papers attendant to the cdo's, cds', NINA loans, TARP loans, all papers pertaining to states' unemployment rolls, and turn that into confetti, while they're at it.

  2. "Uncle Sugar Clown Train"?!

    Last I heard it was "Uncle Ice Cream Teat".

    I'd guess you can mind-read up the Nurse's Name to complete your TriFecta?


  3. Speaking of Nostradamus and oracles and seers and zacharias and such-like, the Oracle of Delphi, it is said, inhaled fumes from the bowels of the Earth and then spoke in babelalia with priests standing nearby to interpret in dactylic hexameter the Oracle's utterances.

    Anybody wish to give it a try?



  4. Stonewall was my first thought. I rather hope so, having thought about it the second and third time.

    (every blog, newsgroup, and email list in the world has lurkers. Occasionally we surface).

  5. bb,
    i'M OT,but here goes.
    I always thought that this sailor looked like my father, but we know it isn't.
    Here's my story. On 15 Jul 45 my father took three days lv in NYC, and my mother met him for the weekend.
    I have the lv papers in my hand. I call them my real birth certificate,as i was born 9 mos later.
    Just a little sea story.