Monday, October 10, 2011

Will Work for Votes

--Vote early and often, Thomas Nast

As people do better, they start voting like Republicans --

unless they have too much education and vote Democratic,

which proves there can be too much of a good thing

--Karl Rove

An election is coming.
Universal peace is declared,
and the foxes have a sincere interest
in prolonging the lives of the poultry
Felix Holt,
George Eliot

You and me

we're in this together now

none of them can stop us now

--We're in This Together
Nine Inch Nails


Hello pub denizens. We saw the "No Solicitation or Sailors" sign out front, so figured we're half in the good. We wouldn't crash an otherwise peaceful Monday afternoon at the bar, but we're canvassing for votes for our brother site, y'see?

It's that time of year again. The time we ask you to show RangerAgainstWar some love and take a moment out of your busy schedules to VOTE RANGER BEST PROGRESSIVE FLORIDA BLOGGER in the 2011 Florida Netroots Awards!

It is almost an oxymoron: Florida + Progressive. But there are a few -- very few --of us out there on the frontiers showing that not all Floridians suffer the sclerotic brains that follow wallows in Sunday fish fries and hog roasts and pound rashers of bacon and Velveeta cheese grits. A few. (Hey -- do you eat pork? It's OK, we do too -- it's the NEW white meat. Cheese grits? Not so much, thanks.)

Here's the skinny on how to cast your ballot (because this is Florida, and
The Rules are Different Here.) Please go to the Florida Progressive Coalition (FPC) Blog awards slate HERE.

Ranger is running in FOUR (4) categories:
Best Blog on National Issues, Best Writer, Best Post and Best Series (on terror). So tick RAW for questions #1, 10, 19 and 20.

Easy Peasy . . . but wait, there's MORE! You must also vote for the asterisked categories --
#2, 11 and 14. We are not shilling for anyone else, so we can't give you any tips. Just vote and someone will appreciate your largesse.

To recap:
Go the FPC online ballot. VOTE FOR RANGER in categories 1, 10, 19 and 20. Vote for someone else in #2, 11, 14. Type in your email and mash the "FINISHED" button.

Only one vote per email, but you could lobby others! We will be trolling our email lists, you betcha!

The election looks to be fair this year so RAW has a real chance of winning. Unlike previous elections, there are no politicos stuffing the ballot in any of the categories for which we are competing -- so YOUR VOTE MATTERS! The FPC awards are often won or lost by only a few votes (when a whole congregation's not voting), so we ask you to do your patriotic duty online.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, Ranger thanks you and I thank you. Really, we do. We approve this message.

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  1. OK - I voted per your directions and used my dead brother-in-laws email to vote again. But WTF do you have against fish fries. Are they a right wing political thing in Florida? We luv them here. And the anti-Irish cartoon and anti-Navy comments???? I am blessed not to have any Irish blood myself, and thank God I did not serve in the Navy, but my dear departed brother-in-law who was both is rolling over in his grave. As for stuffing ballot boxes, the Irish were only copying late 19th & early 20th century Republicans.

  2. mike,

    Thank you for your enthusiasm, mike.

    You know we're only being over-the-top, as we are wont to do. We at Ranger hold no prejudices (that we're aware of.) Fish fries are our particular bete noir only 'cause we like banging the bible Baptists whose sole (no pun intended) purpose for enduring a sermon is to attend the fish fry following.

    I was inspired by genuine US historical signage over the years, some of which are displayed at the Ft. Benning Infantry Museum: "No Catholics, dogs or Sailors", with variations ("NO Jews, ferrets, ... you get the idea.) I personally know Sailors who were banned from dating people's daughters after their affiliation was discovered.

  3. Lisa-

    Sorry, but too much like the free hotdog thingie back home. I would vote for RAW, but refuse to vote for others I know nothing about . . . and I have to do both.

  4. I am so with you, Seydlitz -- and this is the ballot put out by our esteemed PROGRESSIVES with a Democratic Party alliance! Jim & I were just discussing this fact today. It is coercion of the highest degree.

    When we cast our ballots at our local precinct, we need not vote in any category which choose not to, so why on this ballot by people who should know the meaning of democracy? I had planned to wage my protest, but we're already marginalized up here, as we are, in the swamps.

  5. to all,
    i'm humbled by the out pouring of support for this request.
    fuck me dead.

  6. Well, I'm a well known whore, so I went ahead and voted for my man the Ranger. Actually did a little research for the three (only 3, folks) other votes I had to cast.

    Let's hear it for the Ranger!

  7. Publius,
    I knew an old MI guy would not mind bending his principles.
    thanks ,