Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fails

This is a still taken from a poorly shot movie where a hot dog test pilot was showing off what he thought the old buff could do. Needless to say, he must've forgotten that big planes bleed speed in tight turns, and need a flat run to regain momentum in order to perform another tight turn.
Unfortunately, for the pilot, he did not survive the crash, but you can see the co-pilot ejecting. Anyway, important reminders for the stick jockeys...just because it has jet engines doesn't make it a jet fighter.


  1. Actually the whole crew of 4 died. The guy who ejected cleared the aircraft but was killed in the fireball. Another guy ejected but didn't clear the aircraft before impact.

  2. Ah, and so the tragedy is made worse. I had thought the co-pilot had been able to clear the fireball.
    4 you that is sad...pilot should have known better.
    Ah well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised...I watched an amatuer film of a Harrier pilot plopping into the explosion, thankfully.
    As it seemed he was show-boating for the amusement of the beach-goers when, imo, a systems failure occured.
    Anyway, down goes the harrier, out ejects the pilot, harrier goes for a swim, and the pilot's chute kindly carries him right back on top of the drowning harrier.
    Very considerate of the winds, but at least luck was on the pilot's side and the plane didn't give a fiery welcome back party.

  3. Sheer,

    There is pretty much no one in the Air Force who isn't well acquainted with this incident. It's a case study for a variety of mandatory training programs. Hopefully it does some good.