Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Charles Gittings

Just received this from old friend Charly Gittings:

"I've been slowly working on an update regarding the status of my collapsed lung amid all the trivial distractions of being in the hospital, but all of a sudden events have over-taken me....

* The leak in my lung finally closed up a few days ago. Today I saw Dr. Korver.

* I'm scheduled to have the tubes in my chest removed tomorrow (Wednesday) between 7 and 8 am.

* Barring any contrary developments, I will be discharged from the hospital Friday morning (May 28th).

"Thank you for all your prayers, and please keep them coming.... :)



As we all know, Charly's a very determined guy when it comes to his cause. To the point where he's sometimes rubbed people the wrong way. Remember him and MSR Roadkill? But I will say this: he's been proven right in much of what he's said over the years. Even though I've often jousted with Charly, I've always respected him for what he's trying to do; I've also admired him for his dogged pursuit of his goal. The world needs more people like him. Now he's having a tough time and, although there is little I can do for him, I am pulling for him as hard as I can.

For anybody who might wish to drop him a line, Charly's email address is: cbgittings@yahoo.com


  1. Good to hear that he is recovering.

  2. Get well Charley, we need you back in the fight . . .

  3. Amen to all that, Publius. I hope you'll send along all our good wishes to Charles the Bulldog.



  4. Keep kicking, Charles, Cheney's 'nards still need a good chiming. Good luck, man.

  5. Mend-up Charlie and keep fighting!