Monday, November 8, 2010

Unusual Statement from a Candidate for Office!

She said she plans to listen to Alaskans "and hopefully you will recognize that I'm using intellect and judgment (and) while we may disagree on the final vote you will at least acknowledge that I gave due consideration."

Full story here.

Whether or not Ms. Murkowski is elected, the above was surely refreshing. Doesn't yet give me great hope for the future (takes more than one to legislate), but still a pleasant item to read with my morning coffee.

No wonder Sarah Barracuda opposed her.


  1. Seems that Ms. Murkowski is that rarest of the rare, an actual Republican conservative. Such comes up only seldom among the usual wingnuts, corporate stooges, useful idiots, foreign agents of influence or simply wackos who comprise the cohort of GOP elected officials today . . .

  2. Of the 3 candidates for US Senate in Alaska, 2 gave Rachel Maddow sufficient time for an interview, Murkowski and McAdams. Her interview with Miller was a rush job as he rushed out of a building and into his vehicle.

    Perfect illustration of which of the 3 candidates respect the people of Alaska and the American political process.


  3. bb,

    Are the people of Alaska and the American political process worthy of respect?

  4. Oh Pluto, you're too smart for yer britches! :D

    Haven't seen you around, howya been?

    You're still stuck with Bachmann, right?


  5. Talking about the Amercian political process . . .

    WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Darrell Issa can barely conceal his excitement at the thought of the hundreds of investigations into the Obama administration he'll oversee as the new chair of the House oversight committee. Issa wants his seven subcommittees to work at a pace of one or two hearings a week--meaning "seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks," the congressman told Politico's Jake Sherman and Richard E. Cohen.

    Fire away, Sparky! 8-b


  6. Welcome back, Pluto.

    Can't remember if it was FDChief or Publius, but one said that the GOP clearly likes to "nullify" the people's election of a Dem president thru investigations and the like. Seems they want to continue old tricks.


  7. I never left, Al, but I was a bit slow on sending posts and you guys were on a roll and saying everything I could think of before I could say it.

    In answer to bb's question, yes, we've still got Bachmanitis. Her opponent ran a really tough campaign but couldn't overcome $11 million in contributions plus a fairly large number of "information ads."

    Unfortunately, she appears to be a shoo-in as the head of the Tea Party Caucus so the rest of the nation is likely to experience her rather odd (but fanatically-held) logic soon enough. All I can say at this point is: "Sorry!!!"

    I had originally felt that the Republicans would be best off if they didn't win the House but now I see their cunning plan and have to admit that it fits their personality very well. The Democrats are going to be plastered with two years of relentless negative advertising from the House and unless they mature quickly may well face destruction as a political party in 2012.

    Then our two main political parties will be the Republicans and the Tea Party with the Republicans (and their media spin machine) being the more liberal of the two. What a strange world we live in!