Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Fails

Happy Post Thanksgiving everyone, I hope your day was better than mine. I "Failed" in my pie making by forgetting to put sugar into my pumpkin was more of a "side dish" than pie, though my wife says maple syrup may salvage this one.
Ah well, it was busy yesterday so I'm laughing it off, and moving on to today.

This one has been around on the net for a bit, so I was looking for a different pic to actually highlight the issue of designations, but this pic seemed the more popular one. So here you go, this weeks Friday Fail.


  1. I do miss the Light Infantry at times. No where did I better learn the life long lesson, "The bigger your ruck sack, the more shit you end up carrying."

  2. We used to say that the only thing light was our paycheck...

  3. bg and Chief,
    The infy is a great preparation for life.

  4. So, sheerahkahn, face/palm has been replaced now by face/pie?