Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fails

I was gone Mountain Man last Friday up in the west of Redbluff last week guys, so I missed presenting you my usual odd sense of humor. Today, is no different. For your amusement.


  1. Sheerahkahn, that's a timely pic considering the story that's just come out:


  2. "The tanks bring awe, shock and firepower," the officer said. "It's pretty significant."

    Hmm, me thinks this officer, as well intentioned as he must be, must also know that it also provides a very juicy target as well.

    Although the officer acknowledged that the use of tanks this many years into the war could be seen as a sign of desperation by some Afghans and Americans, he said they will provide the Marines with an important new tool in missions to flush out pockets of insurgent fighters. A tank round is far more accurate than firing artillery, and it can be launched much faster than having to wait for a fighter jet or a helicopter to shoot a missile or drop a satellite-guided bomb.

    And this reminds me of the old adage...

    "When the enemy is with in are you."

  3. I now and then visit Red Bluff to see grandkids and try to do some wild country hiking. Were you climbing Mount Tehama? But now that I think about it that is East - not West of RB - so you must have been over in the Trinity mountains or just south of there. Treacherous country this time of year.

  4. sheer,
    Who/what/or how will these tanks add shock and firepower, much less awe to the PWOT in AFGH?
    I reckon tank crews can now drown when thet roll over into rivers.
    What are we if anything but futile?

  5. Always West, up in the land West of Redbluff...the low part of the Trinity Alps, however, when I go deer hunting, that is where I am usually found...well, used to at least.
    A lot of monied people have discovered that area as well...fences have gone up where once open land could be seen for miles around.
    I haven't gone deer hunting in three years...always something to grab my attention and my time.

  6. Jim,
    I think the only things those tanks will add to Afghanistan is a nice big target for the Tali's to range in on with their Mortars.
    I would say though is that I suspect you're being a mite generous with the word "futile" in describing our "adventure" over there.
    Stupid is the word I would use...just plain stupid.

  7. sheer,
    A tank need not fear mortars.
    It's explosives with penetrators that they should fear. Also rolling off roads.
    Yes, this goes beyond stupidity.
    Remember the Armor adage-tanks fight tanks.
    No tanks.


    Just in time for a new peninsular war. Tanks with jet engines, just a short flight, right?