Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrorism -- That's the Ticket

Dilma Rousseff as leader of Brazillian terrrorist group,
Palmares Revolutionary Armed Vanguard [VAR Palmares]

Rousseff being received by Obama

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive
his deception, the one who lies with sincerity

--Andre Gide

Are right and wrong convertible terms,
dependent upon popular opinion?
--William Lloyd Garrison

Laws control the lesser man.

Right conduct controls the greater one

--Chinese Proverb


The United States wants it known we are tough on terrorists. We don't negotiate; we hunt them down and eliminate them. They can run, but they can't hide. Yadda yadda.

Except when we choose to fete them at the White House, as in the case of Gerry Adams, Yassir Arafat and Menacham Begin.
Of course, these terrorists did not target U.S. citizens, so they are o.k. The latest in this tradition is the new president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, except she did target a U.S. citizen, a soldier, for murder.

Ms. Rousseff was recently treated to a warm glad-handing by President Obama, but Rousseff was a terrorist and bank robber in the 1960's and 70's. She also planned the murder of American Army Captain Charles Chandler on December 10, 1968, an act accomplished in cold blood in front of his wife and child. Rousseff is a nasty piece of work, but 42 years later she navigates the halls of Washington at our President's bidding.

Why was she not arrested and tried for this crime, which has no statute of limitations? Instead, The U.S. Attorney General, the State Department and President all preferred to treat Rousseff as an honored guest. This shows that terrorists sometimes triumph and rise to the top of the political hierarchy.

The lesson here is that the future leaders of Afghanistan and Iraq will come from the ranks of those people we call terrorists,
those to whom we deny rights -- they will be lionized as standing up to the capitalist occupiers.
As with Rousseff in Brazil,
the populations of these countries will repudiate their puppet leaders and go their own way. This is only right as democracy demands this behavior. Democracy emanates from the people and not the tip of a foreign bayonet.

As for Rousseff, if the Phony War on Terror
(PWOT ©) were a real, global war, she would be treated as the criminal she is. If she remains in Brazil, fine, as the U.S. has no jurisdiction in foreign nations, but the moment she stepped on U.S. soil she should have been arrested and tried for the 1968 murder of a U.S. soldier.

It is sad that we prosecute figures like Khadr while treating Rousseff as a VIP.
All terrorists are not treated equally, for if they were, she would be in a cell in Gitmo awaiting trial for her crime.

What makes Rousseff's case different from that of Omar Khadr?


  1. Head's of State are given diplomatic immunity.

    Otherwise, most of them could be subject to prosecution under Universal Jurisdiction rules.

    Law is what we are subject to, not them.

  2. AEL,
    This crumbum WAS NOT A HEAD OF STATE when she visited the US.
    So , if i understand this-Adolf Hitler would've gotten a free pass???!!
    This is a false standard that laughs at the concept of justice.

  3. Law (and the legal system) has nothing to do with Justice.

    And yes, Adolf Hitler would have immunity if he came to the USA. Look at the annual gathering of Head's of state at the UN. There are a lot of really nasty customers there, and they all visit New York with no problems. This is actually a big problem in getting dictators to step down in favor of democratic reform. They lose their immunity to prosecution.

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  5. There are many cases of former terrorists ( called that by their opponents, of course ) and traitors serving their country overseas in their former enemies' lands. For instance, the first 2 ambassadors to England were John Adams and Thomas Pinckney, a traitor and a terrorist.

    Imagine the hullabaloo if Ho Chi Minh were young enough to be selected as Vietnam's ambassador to the UN. But that's the burden we Americans have shouldered in hosting the UN, our favorite whipping boy when the world's against us and our bright shining trophy to stick in the world's face when our sheen needs polishing.

    Ael has it correct, except for his verb tenses, about Adolph coming to visit the UN, if it had existed then.

    Here's Ms. Rousseff's story:

    Dilma Rousseff is the daughter of a Bulgarian engineer (Pétar Roussév) and Brazilian school teacher Dilma Jane Silva. At an early age, Dilma attended classes at the Sion College, one of the most traditional and prestigious Catholic schools in her home-town of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. At age 16, she starts attending meetings at the Marxist Revolutionary Organization–Political Worker, known as POLOP. That political organization opposed the Brazilian Communist Party, which was then formed by a vast majority of students who followed the thought of Leon Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg. In 1967, while attending Economical Science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Dilma joined COLINA (National Freedom Command) the first terrorist group to take up on arms against the military regime. In 1969 Dilma was already living completely underground. She rose so fast among the terrorists’ ranks that she had to use several aliases in order to elude Army Intel. Her debriefing by the military in case she was apprehended would give away the terrorists’ most important actions.

    Later that same year, COLINA and VPR (Popular Revolutionary Vanguard) joined forces and established the VAR-PALMARES (Armed Revolutionary Vanguard Palmares), the most extreme, bloodthirsty terrorist group known to the military. The first action by the group was the robbery of the residence of the former Governor of Sao Paulo, Adhemar de Barros, which rendered the group US$2.4 million, money used to buy weapons shipped from Cuba via Chile during Allende´s term in the presidency. VAR-PALMARES was the first terrorist group to ever fire Kalashnikovs (AK-47s) in Brazil. In addition to bank robberies, Dilma also specialized in assaulting military units to steal heavy ordnance, grenades, launchers, etc. During this period, Dilma, Jose Dirceu (Lula´s former Head of Staff), Franklin Martins (currently Minister for Communication) and a bunch of other terrorists traveled on and off to Cuba to receive advanced guerrilla training from Castro. Dilma´s main kills were Army Captain Charles R. Chandler, (he took 14 slugs from her machine-gun), Admiral Nelson Gomes Fernandes (Ret.), and journalist Regis de Carvalho, both blown to pieces by a bomb Dilma set up at the Recife airport, 19-year-old PFC Mario Koezel blasted by 50 kilograms of dynamite while guarding post at a military facility, Lieutenant Alberto Mendes, Jr. who after surrendering to her guerrilla group had his skull smashed by rifle butt.

    Aside from the abduction of several local businessmen, Dilma´s most notorious feat was the kidnapping of US Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick on 9/4/69. He was released unharmed after the military command agreed to release several terrorists.

    (cont. below)

  6. I do wonder how many of Ms. Rousseff's friends or family were imprisoned, tortured or killed off by Brazil's military junta. How many of those juntistas, if any, were trained in that infamous School of the Americas in Georgia.

    Your Captain Chandler's history is unknown to me, and for all I know, he was simply an innocent bystander who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    But as you have so eloquently pointed out many times in the past here and at RAW, people and events in the PWOT rarely get themselves involved in sense and justice.


  7. BB,

    I don't care how many of Rouseffs friends etc.. were killed, tortured, or whatever. She targetted a US service member, and he was assasinated by her boys. This is conspiracy and murder.Pretty simple.
    What happens in other countries IS NOT my concern,as i'm still living in a country that is in rapid decline. I'm more concerned with Cleveland and Detroit, and of course, Quincy Fl.
    ISTM that you are justifying the existence of Terror orgs, but does violence justify violence?
    Your contention that the FF's were terrorists is a real stretch.

  8. Ranger,

    The American Revolutionary War was a nasty brutal affair. The Founding Fathers were much closer to "terrorists" than you might want to believe.

    Many places in Canada were founded by refugees from that struggle.

    I guess that the important lesson is that people stop considering them terrorists after they win.

  9. jim:

    I don't care how many of Rouseffs friends etc.. were killed, tortured, or whatever. She targetted a US service member, and he was assasinated by her boys.

    That's true, but you can bet your bottom dollar and the penny on the floor Rouseff cared. And she and her assassins had the weapons and opportunity to strike at their enemies and some poor fellow with the dress of a US military officer stood in the way.

    No matter the nobility of the cause or the innocence of the victims, violence will beget violence and it has a piss-poor reputation for marksmanship.


    I guess that the important lesson is that people stop considering them terrorists after they win.

    The wogs are the terrorists and we civilized folk the offended victims who have every right to bring the full force of our modern military and firepower upon the woggie heads.


  10. AEL and BB,
    Pls explain how the Colonial rebellion was , in your world ,an act or acts of terrorism.
    A lot of Confederates went to other countries after the CW. This proves nada.
    First- start with a definition of terror.
    That's always illustrative and wise.
    Tell me, tell me DO.

  11. Terror is the unbridled, or semi-bridled, use of violence and death and oppression against an enemy's defenseless civilians and against unarmed and defeated enemies.

    Here's an interesting version of the ARW.

    This truce lasted until a 22 year old lieutenant colonel in the British army, a certain George Washington had his men launch an unprovoked attack on French troops at Jumonville Glen in 1754, killing 10 of them and murdering their commander. This effectively sparked off the seven-year war (1756-63) during which the French tried to drive the (non-French) colonists out of America.


    So after the seven-year war the British had a massive debt with few ways to reduce it, so they had to limit expenditure and as the colonists had been the beneficiaries, it was decided:

    The settlers were to stop taking more and more Indian land, to limit spiralling defence costs and adding to the debt burden

    The settlers were to stop murdering the Indians (many of which had helped defeat the French), so as not to upset the only money maker in America, that of trading for Furs

    They had to stop endemic corruption such as smuggling and bribery, that was costing the exchequer so much money . .


    As this then turned it more into a civil war the patriots not only put their propaganda machine into overdrive, claiming such things as ‘Tories’ took babes from the breasts of their mothers to dash their brains out and the alleged Tarleton’s quarter, they also evolved a Presbyterian religion that as good as justified carrying out inhuman war crimes against Loyalists and keeping redcoat prisoners in such appalling conditions that most died.
    At the battle of Kings Mount the rebels had surrounded a heavily outnumbered Loyalist unit, who's position had became hopeless so had (despite the rebels usually not taking Loyalist militia as prisoners), tried to surrender, but the Lowlife 'Over the mountain back-woodsmen' just cut Major Ferguson to pieces and violated his body and this to a man who's chivalry in battle had prevented him from shooting Washington in the back.

    As I wrote above, but did not directly state, I would be sure the Brits considered our Patriots traitors and terrorists.


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  13. As an addendum, I had good enough of a high school education to read that the patriot %age of the population was never in the majority, and that the loyalists were forced to leave their homes and property, and that colonists felt restrained in their freedoms to murder and pillage their way onto Indian lands.

    Also, the piracy business had not only financial support from the good wealthy citizens of the colonies who later became FFs, but also in some cases active participation.

    arr arr gimme liberty or gimme death, me maties arr arr.


  14. BB,
    Your definition of terrorism is off base.
    You are describing war crimes or crimes against humanity.
    That is in present day terms.

  15. Ranger:

    I would regard "The Son's of Liberty" as a classic nationalistic organization. They indulged in terrorist-type activity: intimidation, murder, kidnapping, etc.

    They even had their own mullahs, er preachers inciting insurrection.

  16. AEL,
    The crimes you list are not terrorism or even T-type of crimes.
    How does simple murder,intimidation,and kidnapping become terrorist activity.?

  17. Ranger,

    Those acts become terrorist acts when designed to push a political agenda. In the Son's of Freedom case, they were designed to prevent civilians from supporting the British cause while at the same time encouraging a crack down by the British on the general population to incite general rebellion. This is the same game the Taliban are playing in Afghanistan today and are the same things that Ms. Rousseff's compatriots are accused of doing.

  18. AEl,
    Well you see this is our disconnect.
    I do not and will not accept/concede that what the Taliban or insurgents in AFGH are doing equates to terrorism.
    It's simply classic LIC, or even asymetrical conflict.
    Rouseffs compatriots were not accused, but rather DID THESE ACTS. The difference is one opposed a foreign invader, and one was an internal criminal enterprise, that was Terrorist. In name and fact. It matters not that the govt was corrupt.
    Scumbags like the Taliban have every legal right to oppose foreign occupation. I mean illegal occupation.
    The Boston Tea Party was not a Terror event. It was really a social event.

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