Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Fellow Marines

To my fellow Marines, Happy Birthday!

And to all my Comrades in Arms of the other Services, may tomorrow be a good Veterans Day for us all.

Our country may be screwed up, but overall, Life is GOOD!!

Live long and prosper...........



  1. Agree life IS good, even if the country's going down the tubes . . .

    Semper Fidelis.

  2. You know, I live in close proximity to Parris Island, a place where I golf maybe once a week, and I have to continually put up with a bunch of shit from Marines. I golf with them, I drink with them, and I am growing old with them. We give each other a hard time, but the fact is we Army and Marine guys have a lot in common. And we all know it. We're the ground guys. The shit guys.

    Semper fi to the Marines. And I gladly wish them a happy birthday, even though they make far too big a deal about it. Probably that innate inferiority complex, is how I figure it. It's because of that that I no longer tell them how I learned what their primary mission was, namely, dancing with the Navy.

    And it's Veterans Day. I will play golf. Best to all vets out there.

  3. Publius,

    Actually, we put Marines on ships because sheep would be too obvious! ;)

    Seriously, Happy Birthday Marines.

  4. I've always found this day a little moving and a little silly; moving because I can't be anything but moved to silence at the Great Killing that was WW1...and silly, thinking of the entire notion popular in 1918 that the killing had been so vast and so pointless as to have disabused humanity of wars.

    May those of us who came home sound take today to remind those we love of the many who did not, and the many who came home but not sound and not done; "only the dead have seen an end to war".

    My belated respects to the men and women of the USMC, who found full measure of the Killing in places like Belleau Wood. May your Country return the faith you have kept these 235 years.