Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughts for the Near Future

How about this?

I'd like to put this out there as a topic for the next round of posts from our bar staff.

What do you see coming in the immediate future?

Talk about whatever you're interested in; politics, war, peace, the economy, more politics, the military, even more politics, fashion, science, industry.

But let's turn a little from the topics of the present day to a murky look at the coming turn of the seasons. What do our servers think will be important over the short term. What should be important? What will we be talking about in November? In February? Is there something we as individuals, we as groups, we the People, we as (many of us) soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen or former versions of the above...should, could, be doing?

Do you have a particular hope? A fear? An idea?

Let's throw it out there and talk about it.Whaddya say?


  1. Anyone know how this years harvest is shaping up across Asia? (Especially central/northern China?)

    I hear that the Three Gorges dam is holding back flood waters.

  2. The midterm elections coming up, obviously, and the economy, which is not showing signs of getting much better.

    We may see a more forceful push in Congress to cut the Pentagon budget and cut our foreign adventures down. The debt reduction commission, which I wrote about earlier, comes out with its recommendations in December. Do you wonder why then?

    Financial reform and taxes at the end of the year, the Gulf will still be a story.


  3. I'm interested to see if our "really good friends" in the Eastern Med will pull the trigger? They've done a good enough job making the new Nazis rise in the east (again!). But will they get us to do they're bidding again?


    PS -- and of course, will we get the "Revolution" part deaux - Return of the Gingrich!

  4. if I find time, I want to write up a discussion about how social networking sites will change American culture (hell, international for that matter). For good for bad, there will be an impact.

  5. bg,

    Yes, we are in the midst of the impact.

    This cartoon expresses part of it:

    All You Need is Like