Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Still trying to believe it.And now Spain gets to try and prove that they ARE the best side in the world, and the Dutch get to try and erase 36 years of rue and loss.

Cruel, beautiful game.


  1. Germany just didn't play very well. The Spanish were able to impose their style on the Germans and shut down Klose and Podolski. As my wife said, it was hard to believe that this was the same team that had crushed Argentina . . .

    So now it's Spain and the Netherlands . . . whichever teams wins, it will be their first World Cup title . . . nice that.

  2. I think that the loss of Müller has to be thought one of the factors. And del Bosque's willingness to drop Torres.

    But, yeah, the Germany that crushed Argentina and England picked a bad time to not show up.

    My head says Spain but my heart hopes that the Oranje finally win Big Casino.

  3. Agree on Müller.

    Also have a soft spot for the Dutch so . . .

  4. Great little Python bit. And, considering how ugly the actual final was, I'm not sure if it wouldn't have been a better game...