Friday, July 23, 2010

NetRoots Nation on Afghanistan Friday 7/23

Just happened to catch this bit, Major General Paul Eaton (ret.) and Matthew Hoh are on a panel discussion about Afghanistan, this afternoon 430 Pacific, 730 Eastern.

Here's the link with bios and other participants:

The schedule:

It's available by live-streaming here:

and if it was like last year, you can get recorded versions too.



  1. 2 new terms entered my lexicography: "agri-battalions" and "pitch pull"


  2. BB,
    I saw Eaton at FSU , and he's one of the guys that seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth.
    My impression was that he made good bucks being a warrior , and now is doing the same being a sorta anti warrior.
    His anti warrior stuff struck me as weak shit.

  3. I'm not exactly sure why Eaton's presence at NetRoots Nation is any big deal. I know what NetRoot Nations is about and I wonder just what a guy like him can contribute. Never heard of him being a big defender of anybody's rights.

    I'm with the Ranger. Eaton is a retired major general who got some press post-retirement for talking about how fucked up Iraq was. To the best of my knowledge, he never spoke up, i.e., saying something like, "hey, have you guys thought this through?" while he was on active duty. I give him some credit for speaking out but the fact is he waited until he was retired before he opened his mouth. There is no evidence that I'm aware of to the contrary.

    The woods are full of senior people all full of regrets and very knowledgeable of the dangers of various government actions after the fact. My personal poster child is Robert McNamara. I wish I had a dollar for every one of this people I've heard from in my lifetime.

    I tend not to listen to such people. They had their chance when it meant something. Now they're just more background noise.

  4. Neither I nor the public at large that stumble by this joint know much of anything about these fellows that just pop out the woodwork and into the national media. I remember a couple three of these guys appearing on shows like Olbermann and Hardball and saying their piece, but that's all we get usually.

    So I look at it this way, you guys P & J have done the nation a bit more service. :)

    I did watch their opening comments and about 45 minutes or so into the Q&A, and didn't get anything more than what I knew beforehand. But I did think "agri-battalions" is cool.

    Swords, or m-16s, into plowshares?



  5. Recently discharged Lt. Choi and Senate Majority Leader Reid:


  6. BB,
    Isn't an agri bn another name for Peace Corps.??!
    I wonder if Eaton would've ever opened his mouth if he had been promoted?
    Another WP'er?!
    BTW, he was really dressed to the T's here at FSU.Power tie and fancy not off the shelf suit. As you know i distrust and detest ass holes in corporate dress.
    The only thing i got from his speech was how wonderful FM 3-24 happened to be. How this equated to human rights flumoxed me since we have secret and other prisons splattered all over the place. Human rights -my ass.
    I wonder who really pays guys like Eaton.
    It's nice to hear that Publius has returned to the flock. Glad he's back, now we don't have to DFR him

  7. Ranger: "It's nice to hear that Publius has returned to the flock. Glad he's back, now we don't have to DFR him"

    You got a way with words there, buddy. Chuckle.

    FM 3-24, my ass.

    Basil, you're doing good work lately. I like your stuff. Hope there is some improvement in other areas.

  8. Where are you guys? Just what the Guardian calls the biggest intelligence leak in history and you're talking about Netroots, or whatever. Your experience is needed to explain what these 92,000 military logs mean.

    Podunk Paul

  9. Paul: see the main page for my observations on this "biggest intelligence leak in history"...

  10. Paul,
    Leak-smeak. WTF??!
    There are no news flashes in any of these supposed leaks.
    It's all boring old shit that is self evident ,without even looking down into the toilet bowl.Shit is still shit, even if it's classified.
    If the AFGH equivalent of Gen Loan was shooting people on the street corners, the powers of America would still find ways to justify the bullshit.In fact they'd tell us that it's a good thing since it's protecting our fat asses.
    The logs mean 1 thing- all screw ups are covered by national security and unrealistic security classifications.
    I,ve picked you up on the morning report.

  11. To all,
    I made a post reply, but it seems lost -so i'll do it again.
    Pardon if it is a double entry, but i deenm it important.
    In all the NYT stuff all we see is discussion of the HOW , and as always ignore WHY.