Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Charles Benjamin Gittings 1952-2010

I just received this:

"Charles Benjamin Gittings, Jr. born July 23rd, 1952 passed away in his sleep July 14th, 2010 at the age of 57. He is survived by his mother Mary Jacks Foldenauer of Fort Bragg, CA and his father Charles Benjamin Gittings, Sr. of Spokane, WA. His three children Roger Gittings of Jackson, TX, Audra Gittings Villarreal of Hurst, TX and William Gittings of Hurst, TX.

"It was the Charles’ wish to be cremated and buried on the Hanes Family Ranch in Boonville, CA with his cat Lulu. Services have not been planned yet. Announcements are pending.

"If you need to contact someone for information please contact Mary Foldenauer at 707-964-2151 or by mail at 223 S Harrison St, Fort Bragg, CA."

I always liked Charly. And I will miss him. And you know, folks, he was right. Strange, cantakerous dude, but he was right. Give the man his due.

Charles Gittings was a fine American. He never served in the armed forces, wasn't a "warrior," wasn't somebody working for the government excusing excesses because the exigencies of times somehow demanded overlooking our background and traditions.

Charles Gittings was an American. We need more people like Charles Gittings.


  1. Sad news. Gone way before his time at a time when we need his voice.


  2. RIP Charles. You were a clear and passionate voice in the wilderness, planting the seeds of inquiry in the minds of many . . . we will see if your seeds bear fruit.

  3. I would disagree; he was more of a good warrior than many of us who took the shilling and followed the drum.

    Sleep well, Charles. You fought long and hard, and for the best of causes; liberty and law.

  4. I did have my differences with Charles - sometimes his passion brought him to personally attack fellow commenters who agreed with his basic premise but who ran afoul of one of his specific opinions. But he was a good man at heart. I will miss his barbed criticisms.

  5. Being on Charly's email distro, I've had the chance to read over 20 emails from people outside our group who have praised his life. Amazing to see the profound influence he had on those who got to know him.

    I often ask myself if I could ever do what he did, and I often doubt that I would have his incredible determination and courage. I could not fight so hard for something, putting my very life and soul into it, fully knowing the near impossibility of his task to the degree that he did to the day he died. For those qualities I have always and will always respect him and only hope that one day I find a fight that I am so passionate and dedicated to and follow through to the standard he set.

    For all our differences (which became less and less each year), Charly was a great American and more importantly a great human being. He will be missed. RIP.

  6. There will be those of us will live half again longer and won't accomplish near half of what Charly did.

    Here's his obituary in the LA Times:

    An interview about his life and work he gave a year ago:

    It's time to quit fearing or compromising with these bastards; they should be treated like what they are: murderous, fascist criminals. The idea that these people acted in "good faith" is just stupid. They are pathological liars and criminals and that is all that they are. The kindest view I can take of any of them is that they are insane.

    His thoughts on the incoming Obama administration, you'll need to go below to the comments, he starts in after a few:

    In case you needed some vintage Charly.

    I doubt Charly was Russian or Orthodox, but turn your speakers up:

    Goodbye, Charly, and may light perpetual guide your way.


  7. I regret that Charles didn't live to see Dubya or Dick do the perp walk.

    I regret even more that our country isn't as furious as he was - and hasn't even tried to change the fact, as he tried - that they have not.