Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

This ia a picture of warplanes doing a "flyover" at the Super Bowl.

Now you will note that this is NOT this year's Super Bowl; this is Supe #43 in Tampa two years ago.Mind you, there WAS a flyoever at this year's Supe in Dallas.

The flyover in this case wasn't the USAF's T-birds, it was the Navy's Blue Angels. And there was another difference.

You couldn't actually SEE it.

Oh, you could watch it on the Jumbotron.

Because the fucking ROOF was CLOSED.

And it cost $450,000 tax dollars.

But, hey. What's a half million here and there? And at least the nearly 1,200 people who got fucked over and were standing outside because they couldn't get to their seats until the folding chairs they payed $400 to sit in got set up got to see the Real American Heroes fly past.

So it's all good.

Sally Jenkins has more.


  1. Usually justified as recruiting expenses.

  2. Chief,
    I was actually embarrassed by the display of SSG Giunta at half time.
    He just seemed totally out of place and context.
    It looked like he was in a little bubble.

  3. Hey, I loves me some gigongous footballpalooza as much as the next guy (and the game this year was actually fairly decent, for a change). But the thing that got me about this is the roof was CLOSED. Why not just show a freaking movie of the Angels on the Jumbotron complete with seat-rattling soundtrack and save the half-mil? WTF?

    If the USN wanted a recruiting deal with actual squids, why not pony up the Navy Silent Drill Team?

    Oh, yeah...

    jim: Not surprised - I think I'd be shell-shocked at the circus that is a Supe, too. IT must have been freaky.

  4. The thing that popped into my mind when I saw him out there all alone at this entertainment venue was Eastwood's "Flags of my Fathers".