Friday, December 21, 2018


I will be traveling over the next week or so.   Unless the Siskiyou Pass is snowed in, or the other I-5 Pass by Mt Shasta City.   To start the trip the bride and I are going to spend some time at Christmas with grandkids and great grandkids.    Anybody know a few good child-worthy rhymes, riddles, or puns or a good source for same?  Just need a little something to soothe the inner savage of toddlers and six (or seven?) year olds.

I’ll try to stay in touch with the blog and may comment, but will not post during the trip.

Later we will head down to the desert to wait out the northwest rainy season.  Rainbirds the locals call us, as opposed to the snowbirds from Minnesota and other frigid zones to the north.  I play golf down there with some old-timers from Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Nanaimo, so I’ll stock up on Trump jokes.  And the bride has a lot of smartmouthing and wisecracking 70-to-80 year old BFFs down there, so I’ll probably hear some puns that are not fit for even my salty ears.   

Once there I will try to start posting again if golf doesn’t take all of my time.  ;-) 

Merry Christmas and hope that 2019 is happy, healthy, and prosperous for you all.