Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Canal Competition?   Excavation via nuke instead of pick and shovel, a la 1963:

Alpini Sappers in Erbil Iraq:

Another parade that I want to ignore.  Unless of course they get a prominent slot in five-deferment-Donnie's parade in DC with Stormy Daniels as Drum Majorette in the lead:


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    1. Perhaps that SeaBee XO should lead the SF parade Saturday and then later march with Stormy at Trump's parade.

      It was probably righteous to remove the CO for trying to cover it up. But why fire the Master Chief? There is a lot more to the story than they are telling us, was the XO trying to drink glass for glass with a bunch of old salts at the Chief's club before wandering bare-ass into the boondocks.

      I remember Camp Shields. Back in the 60s it was just a few Quonset huts. Before deployment to Nam, some friends and I visited there to scrounge some gear that was unavailable within Marine supply channels.