Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Fellow Marines.... Semper Fi!

The subject says it all.


  1. Thanks Al. The bride and I are going out with a small local crowd of former Marines Saturday night. Not a full dress ball, as there is no dance floor at the restaurant where we gather, and i doubt we can still fit in our uniform, at least I cannot but that is my goal for next year.

    The guests of honor are two WW2 vets, one a former 105mm gunner from Guadalcanal, the other a WM who was a supply expediter at Treasure Island. They will have to share that first slice of birthday cake.

    Semper fidelis (although I'm thinking of adopting a personal motto of "Exsisto paratus" in light of the recent election.


  2. Hi, Tonight's Vino will be Erath Willamette Valley Pinot Noir..... Idon't know any celebrating Jarheads around here, but of course I haven't looked for any, so the wife and I are going to savor it. I saw a small office of the VA down the road a mite......seems it only does counseling since their ads say that all of the people are Psychologists (Masters Degree), and I'll be dipped in Doo Doo if four of them are fairly young Jarhead vets, not a usual direction for former Marine enlisteds (my assumption). A little farther there is a clinic for just being slightly sick, and for annual checkups and such. The nearest VA hospital is in Long Beach, I use it for hearing aid stuff, otherwise I don't use them. The county has a Veterans outreach office for handling veterans' paperwork and submitting it to the VA, so as to prevent not having to wait on hold or getting gaffed off, since they have a direct line to the more sentient and efficient workers of the VA Collosus. Days before I went on terminal leave, I made five copies of my SRB, and medical records, which this County office has one copy of each. The employees there (all vets) are constantly being interrupted by phone calls from folks who say that they do business with these certain charlatan veterans storefronts that charge them money for services not rendered, Bwahh Ahha, just kidding, it's a bit sad doncha' know, but it is very American when you think about it.

    Anyways Happy Birthday!

  3. Eddie -

    Glad to hear that you are drinking a good northwest Vino instead of that California swill. I am making an exception this year and drinking a toast in "Jarhead Red" from a winery down near you, made and bottled by former Marines. It is a little pricey for a table wine blend, they probably make a mint selling it to Marine Corps League Detachments every November. Our detachment is buying a case to auction off with the proceeds going to Toys-for-Tots.

    Most if not all VFW or American Legion posts have a Service Officer who is supposed to help out vets with VA or other issues. They can cut the paperwork in half and slash the waiting time. Or they help out widows to get benefits. Some are trained and very good at what they do, others not so much. Our local guy has a direct line to a local lawyer who is also a vet and who does pro bono work for other vets having issues with the VA.

    Charging money for services not rendered is as American as our President Elect. He may not have invented the practice, but he fine tuned it to an art form.

  4. I celebrated by calling a fellow Jarhead turned Army Aviator in TX that I flew with in VN and then at Ft Wolters, TX. We call it our "private" birthday celebration. Been doing it for years. Down a shot, proclaim, "Happy Birthday" and then sip as we catch up on the past year's comings and goings.

    I have kept a red plastic Birthday Ball coaster from every Ball I have attended. 28 in all. Oldest is from 1961, and newest from 2004.