Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood

--Little Red Riding Hood 

 Hey there Little Red Riding Hood,
You sure are looking good.
You're everything a big bad wolf could want
--Little Red Riding Hood,

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs 

He asked me for a good night kiss
I said, it's still good day
I would have told him more except
His lips got in the way  
--A Guy is a Guy,
Doris Day

 I moved to another seat
--Jessica Leeds, 74, who alleges that Mr. Trump
groped her over 30 years ago on a plane

Why must we play these foolish games?

Is the story of Mr. Trump's alleged gropes really news we can use? If our nation's top priority in choosing our President were to achieve parity between the sexes, then, yes. 

However, considering it has been 93 years and counting since the yet-to-be ratified Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) guaranteeing women full and equal rights under the law has stood before the chambers --  I'd say "No".

 Ranger suggests that the press's recent fronting of several woman who allege that Mr. Trump groped them is, in fact, anti-feminist.

The implication is that these women do not know to avail themselves of the legal protection established since the 1960's Civil Rights bills. They live in the age of Girl Power, and yet we are to believe they are June Cleever, too?

Should we believe that they need to be protected by -- whom? Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Clinton?

--The Perils of Pauline (1947)

The trope being exploited is that of Little Red Riding Hood. She is a girl alone in the woods who is accosted by the ravenous Big Bad Wolf. She can be saved on by a lumberjack, a hunter or some such manly man who happens by to save fair maidens in the nick of time.

Mr. Trump is also the Wolfman, and little lady must be saved from his sharp teeth and hairy little palms. 


Trump likes and hires pretty women over ugly -- ya say you hadn't heard of such things? Well, look at a few peer-reviewed studies to get your Homo sapien mind right. Woman judged as attractive gain more hires, more advancements, bigger raises.

Mr. Trump practices this and he is adjudicated a dog. Well, then Canis universalis.

Trump says what many think, and is demonized for it. He is the externalization of our id, and we cannot bear it. Hence we let the talking heads attack, and all smile smugly when his name is mentioned: "How can he BE?" we ask, in a disingenuous attempt to shuttle that part of ourselves.

"Ugh -- such a man cannot be President" we say, reflexively, knowing that scores of such men HAVE been presidents (many within the last 60 years). To hoist him on his petard on the basis of old secretly-recorded tapes of private talk and a few instances of alleged groping is skulduggery, and should shame a nation which has far bigger issues on its agenda.

Morality falls under the umbrella "religion", whose separation from matters of state is a hallmark of the United States. This is not Vatican City (thank God.) Sexual harassment falls under EEOC guidelines.

That is the end of the story, until you re-engineer the human. For now, the dance of the sexes plays on.

Tomorrow: Mrs. Obama on Mr. Trump

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  1. Trump cheats contractors, bails out on creditors. Plus he leaves paying taxes to us little people in order to fund infrastructure, the military and the VA. He is an exporter of US jobs and an importer of foreign labor.

    No, he should not be President of anything other than the millionaires club along with Bernie Madoff, William "520 Percent" Miller, Seth Pecksniff, and other jailbirds.

    The only good side I see in him, is his ability as a promoter. He is an extremely good con man.

    His comments on women's appearance do not make him macho. They just show him up to be a wannabee manly-man and an insecure toddler. Trump is is not the wolfman, he is a weak and unchivalrous swine. In my father's day, Trump would have been thrashed and ridden out of town on a rail for his loutish and ungentlemanlike behavior.

  2. Of course, mike, I am not addressing anything other than the press's focus on Trump's alleged groping -- the BIG NEWS.

    What does that say about our society and the state of his opponent's campaign?

    BTB: I just heard the Clinton campaign has trotted out the Khan family again in an attack ad -- and what does THAT say?

    I am fascinated by the fact that Mrs. Clinton alone bears some responsibility between the two candidates for the Khan's son's death in 2003 (having supported the wars). Any yet, she is not the target of their angst.

    Don't you find that interesting?

    1. Trumps "foreign policy" team is chock full of Bushies and neocons, and he's talking about reinvading Iraq to "take the oil". That's why the Khan ad works, and since politics is about what works to advance your position and hinder your opponents, THAT's what that says. It's really just that simple; no conspiracy theories need apply.

    2. Clintons FP is even more hawkish and clinton herself is explicit about imposing no fly zones on the Russians and Syrian govt. Additionally, she is all for stepping up in the Ukraine and continuing placing various missile systems on Russia's borders. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, we see from wikileaks that she wants to surround China with missiles. Partisan politics; it's what makes you sound like an idiot.


    3. Sorry Avedis -

      That dog don't hunt. The Republicans are the 'War Party" in this day and age. Need I say more than "bomb-bomb-Iran" McCain, or Lindsey "pre-emptive strike" Graham, or newcomer Doug "assassinate ssad" Lamborn, Republicans all. And have you forgotten "W" who gave us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars?

      Is that called projection where you take your own worst faults and try to pin them on your antagonist? Something that kindergarten children do to each other when they disagree.

      Besides the election is already over. Trump has been seen through by the American people and is going to lose bigtime. We will have eight years of peace under President Clinton. Sit back and enjoy them.

    4. Mike, I respectfully disagree. Why Paul Wolfowitz was raised, looking like Nosferatu, from whatever coffin he's been hiding in these past years, to make a public appearance on Fox news today. He endorses Clinton and is looking forward to helping her craft strategies to "check" and "contain" Russia where ever Russians can be found. He likes the idea of shooting down Russian aircraft in Syria (as does Hillary). This is an evil portent to be sure.

      If you think there is any difference between Clinton's FP and McCain's, IMO, you are as wrong as wrong can be. The are both officers of the same Borg.

      It is Trump that is suggesting that we could work with Russia on certain issues (e.g. snuffing out the jihadist caliphate) and that, otherwise, we'd do better to build up the US domestically rather than work on empire. Trump is not a republican, IMO - or if he is, he is a non-Borg republican.

      As Far as McCain goes, I like senators who didn't have brains knocked off zero because they sat in a prison camp too long.


    5. avedis -

      So I suppose that means you and the Donald would prefer to do what Stalin did after WW2, when he threw all the returning Russian POWs into Gulag concentration camps?

    6. PS -

      McCain's brains were a bit off zero long before he was shot down and sent to the Hanoi Hilton and tortured.

      Before that he was a hot shot party boy like your favorite millionaire politician. I think McCain's time as a POW knocked a little himility into him.

  3. Oh, for fuck's sake, Lisa.

    From the Wiki entry for the "U.S. presidential election 1828"; "The campaign was marked by large amounts of nasty "mudslinging." Jackson's marriage, for example, came in for vicious attack. When Jackson married his wife Rachel in 1791, the couple believed that she was divorced, however the divorce was not yet finalized, so he had to remarry her once the legal papers were complete. In the Adams campaign's hands, this became a scandal. Charles Hammond, in his Cincinnati Gazette, asked: "Ought a convicted adulteress and her paramour husband be placed in the highest offices of this free and Christian land?"

    So...what does this say about the society of the United States, 1828, Lisa? Do you find THAT interesting?


  4. No, Lisa. That is your ox to gore, not mine. My problem is with Trump's attitude towards all our military and veterans, not just Captain Khan. His comments on this have been despicable. I predict a mass mutiny if he was ever elected as CinC of our Armed Forces.

    Forget your ire with Madame Clinton. The election is all but over for Bozo Trump. But do not despair, he is now busy out trying to start a civil war with his screams of rigging. He is right in a way but it is rigged against Democratic voters by years and years of Republican statehouses restricting voting rights. I personally wish the press would spend more time on state and local races. But it is not glamorous enough I guess.