Friday, October 15, 2010

Teh Stoopid - It Burns! (Part 3)


"WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is meeting with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to talk about a pending arms treaty with Russia and other issues."

Look, I understand the part about putting aside partisanship to drink deeply at the well of wisdom of the sages that have preceded you in office.


Condi Rice?

Condi Rice???

Possibly the most inept National Security Advisor in the brief history of the nation? Forchrissake, Obama, if you want advice on military affairs would you want to talk to the commander of the Iraqi occupation forces in Kuwait in '91? If you wanted advice on marriage would to want to talk to Newt Gingrich? If you wanted advice on clowning would you want to talk to John Wayne Gacy?

I know Condi was supposed to be an expert on the Soviets, but she's been out of that game for two decades. Her performance as SecState was centered on the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan where her "Transformational Diplomacy" was initially a bust and then something of a mean joke. She was constantly outplayed by Cheney and Rummy, and her reorganization of State was a fairly massive fail.

You want to suck up to a Republican? George Schultz is still alive, and his record with the Sovs is way better than Condi's. Jim Baker did a hell of a job during the Second Gulf War. Even Maddie Albright, not my favorite diplomat by any means, has a better vita than Condi!

Is it utterly impossible to fuck up SO badly as to become unwelcome inside the Beltway? What the hell do you have to do to wear out your welcome inside the Oval Office, become a divorced homosexual Green hippe?



  1. Chief:

    On the comparative expertise of the subjects outlined RE/ Condi:

    The commander of Iraqiman III corps 90/91 would give better quality advice on Military invasions (comparatively speaking) than the Consmistress on her statecraft Hell, he would display better soldierly value than "Petraeus, Franks Frito Bandido, et al." At least the Iraqi thoroughly humiliated the Kuwaitis.

    Newt Gingrich on marriage, well at least he has practice, if you ignore his blatant hipocracy.

    Gacy as a clown....just because he was a serial killer of young people with no regard to keeping a non odoriferous household, does not necessarily call to question his clownarific strengths. He was probably, in his self regard, a Renaissance man.....Condi was that bad, as with Dame Half bright. To her credit Condi blew mucho smoke up DubaU's ass on his world leadership.

    You say: "What the hell do you have to do to wear out your welcome inside the Oval Office, become a divorced homosexual Green hippie?

    As the former Governor of the great state of Louisiana, Edwin Edwards once proclaimed, "the only way they'll run me out of office, is if they catch me in bed with a dead woman, or a live boy."

  2. fz-

    I'll tell ya that train story of yours . . . still has me thinking . . .

    Condie in the WH kinda stumped me too, but just for a minute. Then I thought, well, it's all about image and spin, ain't it? Lasch was talking about this decades ago: narcissism.

    Then it started to make a bit of sense in their world . . .

  3. Condi Gives better head than any of the others. Good grief, Have you no priorities?