Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did You Check The Dryer?

Dear Achmed The Iraqi;

I know you're probably still kinda sore about the last couple of years. I know things haven't always been smooth between us. So it's kinda embarassing to have to tell you that we can't find about 8 billion and change of the oil money we sort of took to, um, reconstruct the stuff that, y'know, we, like, blew up and stuff, while we were liberating you for your freedom, and stuff, y'know?But you know how it is; you go to the mall, you go to the grocery store, you get all that loose cash and you stuff it in your pocket and you MEAN to make sure you get it safely back in your wallet, and then, damn, it's like the stuff just disappears like magic. But I'll bet you can probably ask some of the guys hanging around the kebab shop, the one's with the new AK-47 bling or the new cars. I'll bet they might know where some of it went.

I have to tell you, I'm still frustrated about this, I SWEAR we were taking real good care of this money. I can't IMAGINE where it got to or how we lost it.I hope this means we can still be friends. And get back to me about how that whole forming-a-government thing works out, K?

You pal,



  1. Hello, Chief.

    Duya think there's an Iraqi, or for that matter, an Afghan, equivalent for this?


    Enough to pay for the fabled 70 Virgins for the HERE and NOW, wouldn't you guess?


  2. It was "the market" they swear . . . we just had to spend all that money to make it "work" . . . invisible hand and all that . . . magic fingers . . .

    Just didn't work out right that time, they promise, but wait till the next!

  3. Chief,
    Nice pic. It displays the waste.
    Years ago i wrote about the dump truck loads of shrink wrapped money being dumped into a septic tank called IRQ.
    In fact, upon reflection this was inappropriate since septic tanks are usually a contained, good thing.
    Unlike what we did in IRQ.