Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Afghanistan for Dummies

The Bobblespeak Translation gives you the real transcript of the Petraeus "Meet the Press" interview (8/15/10):

Gregory: what do you say to people who say we can’t win

Petraeus: we’re not going to turn Afghanistan into Switzerland

Gregory: with mountains, secrecy, war criminals and money laundering?

Petraeus: ok maybe we will

Gregory: what’s winning?

Petraeus: a government that allows outside investment

Gregory: now we’re talking

(h/t to Jason at Armchair Generalist; like I said - you couldn't make this shit up.)


  1. I advise to edit "real" into "REAL" to make the satire more obvious.

    You know, we've become used to so much nonsense that satire is increasingly difficult to identify these days...

  2. Sven: What's even sadder is that the satirical "news" makes more sense than the "real" news. In the land of the mad, the half-sane man is king.

  3. But I did make it up! Sort of. Thanks for link!

  4. MP: No sweat-di-da. Like I said; the truly sad and most revealing thing about the last decade is that it is the satiric, the comic, and the buffoon that makes more actual sense than the serious, the pundit, and the spokesman. We are approaching the bingo point where lies are truth and truth is a lie...