Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rocket Man

Let's face it: Kyrgyzstan has it cooled out when it comes to keeping and bearing arms.This dude was just doing a little urban defense as part of the latest revolution in Bishkek.

My favorite part of the image? The little urban geek tummy pack. For when you don't want to leave the iPod, American Spirits and little roll of detcord back at the crib 'cause you KNOW your bros will boost the fuckers. Maybe the riot shield and antitank rocket will get you a little harmonious bro-i-tude now...


(h/t to Unleashing Chiang - crossposted to MilPub)


  1. Hey -- are those selvage jeans? Are those retro Fryes? A metrosexual urban fighter? I'll bet he does manscaping, too.

    Nah ... he's gotta be toting that gear for a documentary, no?

  2. One would expect to see an RPG instead of American AT-4 in an old Soviet republic, my how the world has changed. Dig the fashion, who says you can't look good when fighting a revolution?

  3. Chief,
    The Urban Guerila-Marighetta.

  4. I think it is definitely Russian made...something doesn't look right about it...I would need a closer pic of it to be sure, but I totally dig the askewed that is old school chic.

  5. sheerah,

    Yes! The cap, the glasses ... Lenin would've loved to have looked like this. He's ready for GQ: "How to Fight the Revolution, In Style."

  6. "It's not how you beat them, dahhhling. It's how you LOOK while you're beating..."

  7. bg: I believe this is one of the later Russian ATMs, either the RPG-30 or RPG-32. Both look similar to the AT-4. The way you can tell this isn't an AT-4 is the lack of a bell at the venturi end.

  8. Yah, you're right. And there is no yellow stripe. Okay, so weapon ID of russian equipment is a lost art.

  9. BG sez:

    "Okay, so weapon ID of Russian equipment is a lost art."

    You mustn't admit to such a sacrilege, BG; you are an Intel Boffin, after all. Hence, in any future, NCA fomented, ill-advised, dung heap, "Rise from the ashes, Phoenix like,
    "Thermo-Fuckbomb of a mission that is created from the ether of Neocon skulls, lands and comes steamrolling your way (prior to your well deserved career disengagement), You will be ready with a snarky comment like this, typically
    aimed at the Three. "Issa, Yusuf, broke down shotgun style Mary...that ain't no AT-4, the local (Baluchi, Punjabi, Kurd, Syrian, Gypo, Iranian, Venezuelan, Messkin, Mayan,
    Inca, Icelandic...please add more here......) Insurgents have had RPG-32's from the Git-go, Where have you been? Shhhheeeeeeesh!

    Say, you said you were in deepest darkest Africa lately; Did you visit Camp Limonier?
    Did you run into MSR, or his Sybil-like brother SNLII? I don't know his current Nom-De-Guerre, but I suspect he was doin' stuff in Africom?

  10. bg: MSR in Africa? That may be the single scariest thing I've read here. Can you imagine the kind of kool-ade you'd need to drink to imagine a benefit to the U.S. from military fucktardry in Africa?

    The mind reels...