Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remember The Marja!

...or...maybe not.

ISAF Policy Final Exam:

One question 100 points.

1. Arrange these words in a sentence:





  1. Why must we keep moving the rocks around?

  2. "In late March, an Afghan man was beaten by the Taliban hours after he had gone to the Marine outpost that houses Mr. Zahir’s office to collect his compensation. The Taliban took the money and stole a similar amount as punishment, said Colonel Sakhi, the police commander."

    I think this is less a case of the Taliban, and more a case of "oh hey, you got, I don't have, so hand it over or I kills you!"
    Thuggery is thuggery regardless of title...but the more important aspect of this whole thing is...why?

    Why are we there?
    What have we accomplished?
    When will it end?
    Where are the objectives?
    How will we bring peace to a region that has never known peace?

    And the bottom line is this...unless we're willing to kill them all...this war is lost to us because we certainly don't know what we are doing there and we are just making things worse for the poor saps who just want to scratch out a living without getting beat down by us, or the Taliban.
    Time to unass this dying horse and let it die with some dignity on its own.