Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marines

Warmest Birthday wishes to all fellow Marines.

Semper FI!


  1. Al -

    Back at you!

    No Anniversary Ball for me tonight. But I will cook the bride and I some steak and eggs (a nice thick juicy New York cut, 1st beef other than an occasional burger or pasta bolognese all year). And wash it down with a brew or two.

    Birthday Message

  2. Gentlemen-

    Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps . . .

  3. They say it's your birthday ..... so Happy birthday to you/us.
    mike, where do you go to a Ball, if you do go?
    I had a bottle of Coppola Claret (the wine of choice at Lord Chelmsford's O Mess at Ishandlwana). Tommorrow, a fucked up Ball story I read in the Marine Times

  4. Eddie -

    Not really a Ball, just a small collection of old reprobates and ladies getting together to reminisce and lie about old times. This year they are holding it at a local Legion Hall so I am passing. Plus Mrs Mike and I are getting too old for it. In the past they have gotten together at various restaurants, a KofC hall, and even a golf course country club.

    Speaking of which (golf courses), isn't claret also a favorite at St Andrews and other British links. Mind you do not get the gout. Or is that from Port wine?

  5. mike-

    Certainly not from Port! Must be Sherry . . .