Saturday, December 31, 2011

Guten Rutsch! Happy New Year! Boas Entradas!

Wish all the best for 2012! Let it be a boring, uneventful year . . . and for a bit of mood music, why not Max Raabe?


So far so good, and as Al's mentioned we'll be the recon element for the flow of events . . . being as we are a few hours ahead. Watched the New Years concert from Vienna on TV which has been a family tradition since we lived in Berlin, back in the bad ole days. It always ends with the Radetsky March . . .


  1. Hey all! Happy New Year from a little KOA Kampground in TN. On our way south - catch you all in a week or so.

  2. An khang thịnh vượng!

  3. Seydlitz: "How's 2012 . . . so far?"

    First 8 hours have been fine. Slept through 6 of them.

    I guess we are the Pub's Recon Team for time zones. Will continue to report the future for you guys as best we can.


  4. felicem annum novum!!

    39 minutes old here, nothing to report.

    just wondering, if this one doesn't seem that it will work out to our benefit, could we send it back?

    And seydlitz, I see you do appreciate the fine arts.

    tres bien, mon ami and all the other ami out there.

    Happy Trails to Andy.


  5. Hey, Samoa was so disappointed in 2011, they cancelled Friday, Dec 30 and just jumped ahead to Sat, Dec 31.

  6. Makes you wonder if you don't like 2012 if you can just jump ahead to 2013? ;)

    But hey, those folks in Samoa whose birthday is Dec 30 were royally screwed :)

    Happy New Year everyone

  7. I lost my 18th birthday back five decades ago on the way to Yokohama. I went to sleep in my berth on the USS Breckinridge on the evening of the 16th and woke up on the 18th as we crossed the dateline during the night. No biggy, as Nobody on a troopship was going to bake me a birthday cake or throw me a party, besides I get to claim to be a year younger.

    Gotta love those Samoans though. I think one of them just won the Rose Bowl for the Oregon Ducks. Back in the 60s and 70s they were a small minority in the Marine Corps, but considering the population of the islands their contribution was significant. And as I recall, just about every Samoan Marine I ever met claimed to be a prince of royal blood. Now I think they are all in the NFL or in the Rugby Union.

  8. When we deployed transpacific on the General Pope, the daily bulletin read something like:

    Due to a total lack of interest, Friday, 14 May has been cancelled. Thursday, 13 May will be immediately followed by Saturday, 15 May.

    And so it was.

  9. As usual where small peeps are involved, we crapped out early; I even missed the traditional North Portland feu de joi in which we announce to the Portland Police Bureau that we still proudly maintain our Second Amendment Rights And Then Some - two years ago some overachiever set off some sort of black-powder bomb down near the McCormick & Baxter site that shook every wall for a half-mile and set off car alarms in a five-block radius...

    But the Rose Bowl made up for it.

  10. Quack!

    My NYE was at work keeping 2 drunk beet chez from doing each other harm and keeping the peace in general at 230AM local.

    Whoop ti everlovin doo. :)

    Pleasant suprise seydlitz that you put up a von Karajan piece too. Our local PBS was advertizing the showing of New Year's from Vienna but I couldn't catch it.

    The Raabe piece was, ummm, interesting. ;)

    Tradition in some places is to start New Year's off with fireworks.

    How about a canon?


  11. A belated Happy New Year to all, but poncy Raabe? Well, thanks for the post allowing us to toast each other, seydlitz.

  12. Lisa-


    I would say nuanced, and very culturally based, and finally, funny.

    Sorry, but that came across as a bit redneck (and I should know) . . . maybe you've been out in the toolies too long . . . ;-)>

  13. You know what the most absurd thing about the Raabe link is? It doesn't work from Germany for legal reasons :P

  14. seydlitz,

    The good ole boys round these parts wouldn't know "poncy" if it bit them on the arse. They'd just figger Raabe for a high falutin' Kraut.

    Me, OTOH ...

  15. C'mon, who you trying to fool? Like we ain't got dictionaries in the South?

  16. Well, sure we got dictionaries in the South ...

    they're the books thick enough to shore up uneven car jacks when doing shade tree auto repair ;)

  17. Lisa - I learned my shade-tree mechanickin in New England. The only thing the southern boys had on us was the balmy winter days to be able to do it year round. Can't say I ever used a dictionary though, concrete blocks a few times.

  18. Lisa-

    You are talking about northern Florida . . . cross the border into Alabama and you maybe already find an improvement in your quality of redneck. Keep going west by northwest and reach Arkansas and you find what we could very well call "redneck geniuses" . . . Fulbright, Clinton, Wesley Clark . . . one of the riddles of the South . . .

  19. True, mike -- dictionaries aren't that readily available, but there's always some rock sitting about ...

    seydlitz: I am terrified of the crossing into AL, MS or LA. That's just me. N. FL = S. GA, and that's quite scary enough.

    There are redneck geniuses, proving the resilience and plasticity of the human brain.