Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best to all


  1. I would like to share my own best wishes to both readers and staff . . . the kids are home for the holidays and we're a family again. Tree and decoration are very German. Food and drink are very Portuguese. Conversation and humor are very American . . . it doesn't get much better than this . . .

    Hope all of you are enjoying this time with family and friends as well.

  2. Sounds wonderful Seydlitz. Happy holidays and best wishes to all, especially for the coming year.

  3. All my best wishes and hopes for all here - for all that I'm a godless heathern today is also supposed to be about love and peace on Earth - to be at peace and surrounded by those they love and who love them.

  4. I'm cleaning out the house, top to bottom, which will take a while, and found that I still had the VHS of this. As a former language teacher, I very much appreciate the 2nd link.

    As for the first, ISTM very "magnificatish", there's even a "m" in it.

    Cluster Bombs of Peace and JDAMS of Good Will for all.

    Would that could happen for every weapon employed or fired.



    O ye who read this truthful rime

    From Flanders, kneel and say:

    "God speed the Time when everyday

    shall be as Christmas Day"


  6. Because nothing ruins a splendid lil war like the troops deciding enough is enough.

  7. Merry Christmas posthumously.

    Normally I would be somewhere in the world...a few years ago, Canada, two years ago, Mexico, and last year Japan...but since my wife and I, along with the kids, have missed a few years of Christmas we were told by both sides of our families that there would be no "Out of country" experiences for us this Christmas.

    So, Merry Christmas to each of you, and yours!

    And now a toast to you all...

    "may your rest be restful, your sex be sexy, your friends be friendly, and your family cooperative by letting you sleep the sleep of a contented man (or woman)!"


  8. I am burned out from watching the youngest grandchild (three) open too many Xmas packages. All made in China btw, all run by batteries, grrrr! But she watched and helped me assemble them. And then later she was content playing with last years blocks making castles, quite a builder she is. Perhaps she will get into engineering and build bridges in the Andes or over the Zambesi - better yet, she could help rebuild infrastructure here in the good old USofA??

    In any case, may you all have a healthy and wealthy 2012.

    Sheera - hope you don't mind if I rip off your toast for my next years holiday cards.

  9. Anytime Mike, here's another family toast...

    "To my friends, and to my foes,
    this is my drink
    and down it goes...
    under the nose,
    over the tongue
    look out stomach,
    here it comes!"

  10. Sheerahkahn - That last one was a favorite of my father. Slightly different though, more for food than for drink, he used to say it for grace at the start of supper. It drove my religious Aunt Edith crazy, probably why he said it so often.

  11. My Scots grandfather used to enjoy shocking my mother (his daughter) by quoting an old Scots-Irish toast:

    "Here's to good King William the Fourth
    Who saved us from Popes and Popery,
    knaves and knavery,
    rogues and roguery,
    from brass buttons and wooden shoes.
    And my he whosoever denies this toast
    Be crammed, jammed, and slammed
    Into the Great Gun of Athlone
    The gun fired into the Pope's belly,
    The Pope into the Devil's belly,
    The Devil into Hell and the key in an Orangeman's pocket.
    And here's a fart for the Bishop of Cork."

    Ah, the good old days...

  12. Late to the game here, but hope everyone (Christians and non-Christians) had a good holiday.

    Ours was a nice break from move preparations - the packers come tomorrow and we'll be on the road by Friday. It's always nice visiting family and this year Christmas was a low-key affair for us, which we greatly appreciated. It's actually left me more positive than usual.