Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Pub Mates

Regardless of how world affairs may be screwed up at present, the bride and I have much to be thankful for, primarily our health and that of our offspring and family. Tomorrow, we will have a traditional Thanksgiving with a long time friend from the US to remember that we have been more than generally fortunate in this life.

We wish a grand Thanksgiving to our comrades in arms (and comrades in keyboards). We hope that your fortunes are as good as ours, if not better.

And to those in need, our thoughts are with you for a better tomorrow.


  1. We had our American club Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday, so we were a bit a head of the game. Tomorrow is a regular work day and we have a general strike going on country-wide so no public transport . . . which means I walk to work.

    On the personal/family level things going well with us and hopefully with all of you as well.

    So I join Al and the others in wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Traditional ThanksGiving in Greece, Roast Goat?


    Best Wishes for you and yours and for the Greek Nation, and for all my friends at MilPub, whose acquaintance I consider a blessing.


  3. Aviator (et al):

    May your food be savory, may your glass never be empty, may your table be filled with family and friends. And don't forget to toast the Wampanoag and the Three Sisters.

  4. Driving to Wisconsin in the morning to stay with family for the weekend. My wife's cousin, recently married, is hosting her first Thanksgiving. I made my special stuffing to bring at their request (something I'm asked to do every year). I guess I got "in" with my wife's family through their stomachs, though my cute kids certainly help! :)

    Anyway, we plan to have some good quality family time and I hope the rest of you are able to enjoy at least good company if not good food!

  5. bb

    The couple that own the little gourmet grocery (been featured in Harper's Bazaar twice!) in the next village (pop 125) special orders a nice, plump, small turkey for us every year. There are lots of turkeys raised on the island, but way too large for us. Well, last year it was not so small, and wouldn't fit in our 60 cm wide oven. No problem - took it to the family owned bakery that supplies them with bread, and they cooked it perfectly. Since the grocery couple are open today, we will have them over for turkey pot pie on Sunday.

    Best to all.....

  6. Thanks to you, Aviator, and to the rest of the regulars!

  7. To all the good folk @ MilPub,

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Hope you all had a good day with friends and family. We had our Portland traditions; rain, some more rain, and then the children fought while I blogged and my wife sewed.

    Funny how our pasts chase us; my bride's people are not just poor but po' when she found a massive brined turkey at WinCo (all 18 pounds of the monstrosity) for 28 cents a pound she couldn't resist.

    So it took something like five hours for me to cook the beast and then it tasted like every ginormous brined turkey you've every eaten; the white meat - and the other three here are white-meat-only people - was as flavorless as Wonder Bread. And that was after seasoning and basting like a madman...

    So sometimes the best parts of any holiday are not the biggest and cheapest (tho I feel unAmerican just saying so...)

    I hope yours were less like my brinormous fowl and more like the little yams we had beside it; small, rich, and sweet on the tongue, and a happy memory now that we're already moving inexorably towards Black Friday!