Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Marines!

Proud to have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and always will be. Been celebrating this day since 1960, and hope to do so many, many times more.

Semper Fi!


  1. Hard as it is for an old paratrooper to admit, it might be just possible that the leathernecks are just a teensy bit tough.

    So here's a glass to another year for the Devil Dogs, then; hooah, Marines!

  2. Al - Seydlitz - Eddie: Happy 236th.

    At my age, celebrating is reduced to a single toast with my bride. Seems like we haven't been to a Birthday Ball in a hundred years, although I did get together with a few other old salts for lunch. Early to bed is my motto and then maybe I will be around to celebrate the 250th in style.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Seems like the squids' senior master chief is trying to get them to do something gungy like "ooohyaahh," I don't think it will fly. As I write, I'm getting shit faced on my own house special margaritas. I like the corps in a similar fashion...(house special remembrances). Unlike one of the USMC Blogger commenter deviants I saw whose handle was "disabled for your freedom." Scuse' me while I flash the sky! You cannot be too negative on the educational baseline of Murrica's Vanguards today.

    Matters not, Our remembrances are private, yet based on reality.....our reality as opposed to the cartoonish version served up these days.

  4. To all,
    Yes , indeed -Happy Birthday.
    Be assured that the Army will continue to train Marines.

  5. jim: The hard part was explaining that the idea was to THROW the grenades and not run up and actually hold them to the other guy's forehead.

    Overheard in the mess hall over at Rodman Navy Base back in the day:

    GI: "What do you get when you cross a Marine with as gorilla?"

    Marine: "I dunno, what?"

    GI: "A retarded gorilla."

    Marine: "Ha, ha. What do you get when you cross a GI with your mother?"

    GI: "I dunno, what?"

    Marine: "The clap."

    And we've always played so WELL together...

  6. 236 years old and not a long tooth to be seen. :)

    And on this remarkable "11-11-11" ( reminds me of Bilbo's 'eleventy-first' Birthday Party )a Tip O' the Hat to all who served our people so well.


  7. bb & all,

    Today if you see an old man in a pisscutter cap hawking poppies, please drop a sawbuck in the can.

    Our local post sends half the take to the National Widows and Orphans at Eaton Rapids and uses the other half for local projects.

    Or... even better, just send a donation direct to:

  8. Happy belated birthday all.

  9. Chief,
    How do you break a gyrenes nose?
    Throw sand on the wall and yell-HIT THE BEACH.
    NOW ON A SERIOUS NOTE- i did a piece for RAW titled THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI about the USMC hymm.Will be pubbed next week.
    Hope i did it justice.

  10. to all,
    The Shores of Tripoli is on RAW today.
    We did not send it to the pub in deference to the book club.