Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No One Ever Lost Money Betting On The Stupidity of the American Public

And sure as hell not in Monterey.

But, hey, we've all been there: there you are strolling along, there they are, lying there in the public grass glistening in the California sun like little chocolate Faberge' Easter eggs, how could you NOT just pop one in your mouth?

They're like candy.

(h/t to the Comics Curmudgeon)


  1. Before the outrage I apologize up front for the silliness; I came across this and it was just too perfect a comment on who we Americans are in 2009 than any lengthy discursion on litigousness or zero-defects or the general nelliness and timidity we move through without even thinking about it.

    And the notion of Raccoon Roca was just flat out fucking funny.

    Please ignore the silly man; his medication will kick in soon...

  2. In the spirit of this post, please enjoy this video brought to us by the Onion. Finally, a video game that truly brings home the horrors of war.

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