Sunday, December 20, 2009

Money for Nothing and your Chicks for Free

I KNEW there was a reason I was a paratrooper.Works the same in the Ukraine, I see. That beret and the sailor shirt...they draw the girls like catnip, the little dears.

(h/t to Lawyers, Guns and Money for this delightful video)


  1. FD Chief,
    Is this not a spetnaz uniform?
    It sure looks familiar.

  2. Jim: The Soviet desantnyy (and their descendants in the former Soviet republics) have two distinctive uniform items: the sky-blue beret and the striped jersey or telnyashka (ru. Тельняшка). As a subset of paratroops, the Soviet special forces (Spetsnaz (ru: спецназ) wear a similar uniform, although at least in Russia the "regular" special forces (GRU Spetsnaz) wear the cornflower blue stripes of the paras, while the "Delta Force" (the MVD Spetsnaz) wear red stripes.

    Interestingly, the stripey shirt appears to be just what you'd think - it's a sailor shirt. The sailors that fought on land were considered elite troops, and supposedly the airborne officer responsible for modernizing the paras after WW2 had fought as a Marine/naval infantryman and brought the shirt in with his reforms.

  3. Chief,

    That's a great video. Here are some other reasons to join the Ukrainian Army:

  4. Wow! The Ukrainian Fembot Corps is looking pretty deadly there. I expecially like the killer heels; not what I'd call tactical but who cares? I surrender! Take me to your tender comrades!

  5. It appears the cameraman in the picture has beaten the Chief to the punch and is bowing before the massed beauty. The Ukraineans seem to be on to something...

  6. The cameraman is obviously CIA just trying to get a close up of the latest Ukrainian weaponry, six inch heels.

    Ukraine is an interesting case these days. Western Ukraine is very much rural and not far different than Appalachia in the US. Not only in terrain but the people are lesser educated, much poorer. Many still do not have running water or electricity. Eastern Ukraine is where Stalin and his succcessors managed to push their influence. Very much urban and developed, Eastern Ukraine was host to hoards of Russian immigrants. In fact, of the Ukrainians that I've met here in the US, all of them called themselves Russian and only when pressed, admitted to being from Kiev or wherever in Ukraine.

    Western Ukrainians still believe in Ukraine's sovereignty. They typically never accepted Soviet rule. Eastern Ukrainians more often than not, still accept Russia as Ukraine's 'best pal'. This is also the reason the Orange Revolution fizzled and why Russia has avoided letting Ukraine join NATO.

    Everything you never wanted to know about Ukraine.

    Merry Christmas to all.