Friday, July 5, 2019


For the out-of-towners, forget the First Toddler emceeing for an imitation of NorKo’s Kim Il-sung Square.  Here is what a normal American small town looks like on the Fourth of July.  No tanks and no B-1s.  And best of all no pompous windbag bloviating while staying dry from the rain behind bulletproof glass.  

More typical is my small town,  We had a Shopping Cart Drill Team from the local non-chain grocery, 

the Daffodil Ladies,

and the Butterfly Bicycle Troop.

Plus half a dozen gearheads showing off their antique cars, and Shriners in funny hats and trick cars.   

The only military presence was six old men from the VFW marching out of step, mishandling the colors, and winking at certain ladies in the crowd of onlookers.   

The only politician was a county commissioner in a convertible throwing candy to the kids.  No speechifying!  

Plenty of hot dogs and watermelon afterwards. 
I skipped the fireworks.  I miss the huge bonfires of stacked railroad crossties from my youth.  They lit up the night until dawn.


  1. I love those daffodils. It makes you smile just looking at them.

    I gotta get me some.

  2. Ael -

    It seems those hats were originally some sort of Welsh Rugby thing.

    I'd ask my Aunt Gwynnie but she is long ago passed. In this part of the sticks though its mostly Finns, Swedes, and multi-breed mutts like me. So I have no clue as to who these ladies were.

  3. Meanwhile in Russia. Their State TV describes "our Trump's parade" as фигня (pronounced as 'fignya' and translates as bullshit).

    They mock the fact that no ICBMs were included.

    They laugh at Trump's "old, rusty tanks with peeling pain."

    They claim that Trump attempts to keep up with Putin, but fails.

  4. Mr. McFaul says the reason Putin is having his RT drag Trump is because Trump has yet to deliver on the one main thing Putin wants more than anything else...

    Bill "Where's my Lawyer, bitch?" Browder

    Because of Mr. Browder, Putin's billions are tied up in the west, languishing untouched, so close, yet so far away in banks that are, because of Mr. Browder's Magnitsky Act, no longer available to Mr. Putin.

    Hence, Putin's desire to "host" Mr. Bill Browder for a detente and set aside the previous tit-for-tat that Mr. Browder has, in Putin's world view, "unfairly" blamed lil'ol'innocent him for Mr. Browder's Lawyers unfortunate demise.

    And perhaps, sign a prearranged document that rescinds Browder's accusation against his person...X is good enough. Press hard, three copies.

    Either way, Trump is Putin's boy, and like a good little son trying to make his daddy happy will heed and heel to Putin's commands, "I'm trying, daddy, I'm trying to get your way but Congress, people, excuses, whaaaa!"

    Hence, the reason I think Putin's boy is fulfilling his wishes...American's are so gullible, so easily manipulated, so easily's a wonder why Russia didn't do this fifty years ago.

    1. Sheera -

      Didn't one of the Ivans try to assassinate McFaul? Or was that just a warning shot across the bow?

      And if I were Browder I'd want to carry some atropine syrettes, lots of them.

    2. I'm not sure if one tried or not, if one did, I did not read about it.

      As for Mr. Browder, I'm not sure atropine will do anything for polonium poisoning...but, I could be wrong.

  5. We have something like this here in North Portland, the "St. Johns Parade". Goofy marching pirate cosplayers, junior high school bands, the local car dealership, and rodeo queens from the surrounding sticks. It's fun.

    But at the same time, I think that it's all part of what allows Trump; that for all the he's a goddamn pygmy fascist and vindictive little shit and Russian tool for most of us our lives are pretty okay. We have our little parades and our jobs and we don't have to worry about getting deported or being fired for being overtly gay or being sent to some idiotic overseas adventure because John Bolton is a flaming asshole.

    I mean...think about "kids in cages". We like to tell ourselves the story that we're "better" than we were as a people in the 1940s, when we imprisoned Americans for the crime of being Japanese. That we'd "never let that happen again". And now "we" are imprisoning people for the crime of being Guatemalan. Don't give me the bullshit argument that they're "breaking the law" by crossing the border; the penalty for breaking that law is a misdemeanor, and it is like throwing you in jail for speeding.

    No. The Trump Era has re-exposed We the People for being the selfish bastards We have always been. We're people as people have been since the Paleolithic, and the American Experiment depends on us being more than that; more prudent, more thoughtful, more humane. We're not.

  6. FDChief -

    Amazingly back in the 40s we also corralled up Japanese-Panamanians, J-Peruvians, J-Ecuadorians, and more. Then put them in camps in Texas. 'The Tango War' by McConahay has part of that story:

    I would like to say that you shouldn't blame me and yourself and the 65,853,514 Americans who did not vote for the Moron Don (that's (three million more than did vote for him). But no matter as the rest of the world blames all of us.

  7. Meanwhile back at the SDNY, Jeff Epstein's arrest is parading by. But like my small town parade, this noisy procession is out of step.

    Despite the fact that Epstein and the iDJit in the WH are longtime party buddies, the Faux wurlitzer is trying their damnedest to link Bill Clinton to the pedo ring, plus Bob Mueller and Loretta Lynch to the 2006-2008 whitewash.

    Now I suspect that an old horndog like Bill would never turn down a BJ. But Bill's former prosecutor Ken Starr was on Epstein's legal defense team back then, and he would have never let that pass if there was the slightest hint of it.

    Mueller and Lynch, no way. Moron Don's hatchet men trying to float that theory must be living in the wrong time zone - by a few light years.