Sunday, July 21, 2019

Don't Be A Sucker

Produced at Warner Bothers by the US Army Signal Corps in 1943.  Below is a three minute plus segment.

The guy on the soapbox belting out hate messages is famed Dick Lane.   An early TV announcer for professional wrestling, kind of like Trump's hosting of WrestleMania.  Those early 40s and 50s bogus wrestling matches were the reality shows of 70 years ago.  Our own  reality show TV personality, Citizen Bone-Spurs, seems to be a duplicate of Dick Lane.  It's time to yell Whoa Nellie and get rid of this whining diva-wannabee.


  1. Who IS that idiot with Andre the Giant..?

    1. Don't be talking trash about The Hulk, oh wait...

  2. Speaking of suckers...

    Juan Cole has a discussion of the spectacular gullibility of the British Conservative government that let Trump's attack dog Bolton con them into getting into a tanker war wit Iran ( and contrasts the UK's bone-stupidity with that of the Spanish foreign minister, who saw what our boy was doing and laughed him off.

    This has actually been a pretty good week for Trump Stupid; he pissed off Modi by sticking his little orange pecker into the Kashmir issue, and then made a fatuously ignorant off-the-cuff remark about destroying Afghanistan in order to save it (note to Dumbfuck; the Afghans are our allies. "Killing them all" doesn't count as a "win", dipshit...). Then his booby Pompeo blew the gaff by saying that the only goal is regime change in Tehran, ensuring that the mullahs have NO reason to bother to negotiate AND that Iranians who, trust me, remember 1953 and have NO interest in the Tangerine Tiberius' new version of the Pahlevis.

    Jesus. These people...

  3. And speaking of suckers...

    Have you noticed that we're getting spambombed from Korea? It's kind of ridiculous, except for the entertaining pornographic ones (at least, the porn is in English, I've no idea what's being written in Hangul.

    My personal theory is that it's Kim's 국가안전보위부, his "Ministry of State Security", coming after us for throwing shade at his lover, Donnie Numbnuts.

  4. Porn spam? I had not noticed.

    Although it is surely not Kim. He fully understands what a bozo Donnie is. Perhaps Xi, or maybe Vlad who likes to throw feces at the US just for the fun of it?

    Orrrrrr ... maybe the spambombers followed one of us here from when we did an inspection survey of the more X-rated sites. Not that it was me. But if I had been, it would have only been to check out Stormy Daniels, for purely salutary reasons of course.

  5. Speaking of Putin, his dezinformatsiya campaign is still alive and going strong. Now he is targeting is Robert Mueller, claiming he has degenerative aging and needs 'elder care.

    I smells like the same old, same old from 2016 when his geeks started the 'Hillary-has-seizures' fable. Even inventing a so-cslled doctor with a diazepam pen as part of her security detail.

    Meanwhile Donny Dementia skates on. Where is the thin ice that our country needs so badly?

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