Tuesday, August 7, 2018

From the Department of Not Learning From Your Mistakes...

...comes the news that the cunning plan behind the U.S. government's re-imposition of economic sanctions on Iran is the notion of "regime change".

This would be fatheaded in any case, given the history of U.S. farkling about in Iran and the predictably resulting blowback.

But after the spectacular own-goal that was regime change in Iraq it would take a complete moron, or John Bolton (but I repeat myself...), to presume that whatever might succeed the mullahs in Tehran because of U.S. political and military pressure will be anything but a complete foreign policy disaster for American interests in the Middle East and a nightmare for the region that has seen too many of them.

The Trumpkins are here emulating the epigrammatic Bourbons, who supposedly "learned nothing and forgot nothing". One can only assume from this that "making America great again" is functionally indistinguishable from the effect of being repeatedly dropped in your head while a child.


  1. I suspect that much of the anti-Iran fury is designed to avoid the very real domestic problems of Mr. Trump et al. However, Iran has an excellent relationship with North Korea. Especially concerning ballistic missiles and nuclear devices.

    America could end up with yet more ICBMs pointed at it. Hurray!

  2. Ael -

    It is the Iran-China relationship that Doofus Donny needs to worry about, not the DPRK.

    Iran and China have had trade and diplomatic relations since at least 200 BC. And China is a bit miffed at us already over Trump's Trade War.

  3. I'm not even thinking about Iran's foreign policy, just what do these fucking idiots think is going to take over in Tehran after their brilliant maneuver succeeds? And what will happen when that new government cocks a snook at Uncle Sammy and it's war on, baby? Who's gonna occupy Iran? Who the hell is going to take responsibility for the utter shitstorm that hits the Persian Gulf region when a destabilized Iran implodes?

    These people are...are...I can think of a strong enough "goddamn idiot" term to describe what they are. Jesus wept.