Monday, February 16, 2015

Hanging 'em up

I don't want get all drama queen-y here, but I think it's time for my last round, gang.

I've just got enough going on that the zest has gone out of the lemon around the old 'Pub. Between my work (I'm starting on with a new outfit next week) and my family I'm busy in Real Life, and the new soccer season is starting up, so I have not just the Portland Timbers but a new season of covering our women's team the Portland Thorns for the local footy blog Slide Rule Pass. Throw in all that to the plain fact that I'm just not feeling the geopolitics and military affairs so much anymore, and rather than hang around like a sad old bag trying to eke out one more season I think it's best that I make a clean break.

I'll check in every so often to see what y'all are talking about and may have something to say once in a while. But from where the sun now stands, I will write here no more forever.

I do want to thank all here - I won't get all Oscar-night-y and name names but you know who you are - for a hell of a lot of good disputatious fun. Hope you can keep servin' 'em up and the customers libated, and all my best wishes for the future. Keep four yards, gang - don't let one grenade get you all.



  1. You will be missed, Chief. Please come back when time allows.

  2. Just take your time Chief.
    Like me, I check in. Not because I'm bored, or saddened, but because life.
    Life demands our attention, and honestly, for me the past two years has been pretty brutal.
    My wife lost both her parents within a very short span of time.
    Her father finally called it on the battle with multiple-myeloma, and then after he passed it turns out her mother had been hiding her pancreatic cancer diagnosis from which she passed away summer.
    The pieces of Life just don't go back together so easily when the table tipped over scattering pieces every which way...and after you start to put things back together...there are notable missing pieces that leave massive blanks in the final picture.
    So yes, life has it's moments...see you when visit.


  3. Chief,
    you have 1 immunity left, so you can't be voted off the island.

  4. I'm off the bar staff roster, guys, but not taking my barstool with me. I'll be around, just not doing any more writing here other than in the comments sections. I'm still over at my home pitch and may (and probably will, given my quirks...) drop a geopolitical or military sticky-note every so often.

  5. Hasta manana Chief. How do I add your home site to the links in the left column titled "other places we've the drink taken". But of course, only if you deem it appropriate.

  6. Ok, as long as you still belly up to the bar, your buttons won't be cut off.

    Family's first. Best to all the FDC Clan

  7. Perhaps it's the dire Portland winter; perhaps, the somewhat ineloquent Ranger comment on de mauvais goût [a quality to which he is not a stranger :)] -- but I hope you reconsider your exit, Chief. I know you to be a man of passion and brilliance, and after speaking with Jim I know it was his hope you -- we all -- will use our passion in the service of our argument, and not vice versa.