Monday, June 16, 2014

I guess you really CAN'T go home again...

Well, between us mike and I can't get this place looking like it used to. The old header and format are back but I can't find the old template or anything like it, and of the "classic" templates the colors are all like this - simple and grim - or garish and idiotic. Either way I'm not sure that this is an improvement on the new "magazine"-type look, as busy as that is.

I guess my thought is that this isn't really a good solution. If there's any real strong objections or a good alternative idea we'll back off and try a third approach. But unless there is I'm leaning towards going back to the old-"new" magazine format and just carry on from there. How about that, folks? Thoughts?


  1. This template (light text on dark background) is easier on my RK eyes than some sites. I actually thought you'd changed the look just to keep it 'fresh' - a little bit of visual change to the site, but not something that makes you want to claw your eyes out...

  2. Thing is, I was fine with the "old" look and sorta-fine with the newer, "magazine" look. I don't really like this light-gray-text-on-dark-gray background but as you say it's at least readable, which a bunch of the other templates weren't. I surely don't love the heck out of it, but I'm okay with it if it works for the bulk of the readership.

  3. I will read the blog either way. This format is marginally easier on my eyes, but I would certainly give way if anyone likes the magazine format.

  4. Let's stick with this . . . at least we have the old picture . . .

  5. I'm ok with where it is now. I prefer it over the magazine format, but I'll participate regardless.

  6. We should be able to fix some issues with this current format if the wish of the majority is that we stick with it.

    1] Current format states: "Today's Happy Hour Theme Is...
    "Another Damn Thing in the Balkans Crimea!"
    What!?!? That has not been the theme since maybe March or February.

    2] Lots of unused grey space especially in the upper right corner. And the margins seem very wide, which means the posts are squeezed and elongated, ergo endless scrolling is needed. Or is this just on my computer display? Can't that wide margin space be used for sidebars, both left and right?

    3] Get rid of the cutesy date/time/group graphic.

    4] . . .

  7. Ha! Got the margins thing done. And updated the "happy hour theme" dingus.

    But...if you want to kill the little cutsey calendar thing you're gonna have to do that, mike. I like it. I won't bring it back if you kill it, tho; ain't gonna die on THAT hill...

  8. Nice Chief - I can live with the calendar thingey!

    That gray space in the upper right corner still looks pretty empty - is that the one that requires new code? Seems like the pic should allow text to the right (or left if centered) . Let me think on that or better yet talk to my son-in-law.

  9. Chief - I give up on the area to the right of the club pic - too far beyond my limited IQ. But I did take the liberty of adding a left sidebar

    If it is too unbearable let e know and I will change it back

  10. Yeah, I tried to fiddle with the header, mike, and couldn't get it to do anything. But the sidebars look fine.

    Unless anyone has a strong objection why don't we roll with this for a bit and see how we like it?

  11. Yes, roll with it for a while.