Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jus Ad Bellum . . .

Interesting video from the Naval War College posted on youtube titled:

The lecturer is Professor Michael Schmitt, Chair of the International Law Department at the NWC.  He has some diverse opinions.  Some I object to, some others seem right to me.  I won't go into them now.  I am heading out of town for a short hunting trip.  So I will let you decide  which is which. 

He is also a former USAF JAG Officer and a visiting professor in three different British and Australian Universities.  He is well published, including books and articles on the legalities of Drones, CyberWar, Blockades, Autonomous Weapons, Direct Participation of Civilians in War, and many others.


  1. Thanks, mike. Definitely worth watching.

    Brings back memories of my time at NWC, shortly after Desert Storm. Interesting that Schmidt clearly differentiates between what may be "legal" and what may be "wise". Much the same as our International Law Prof did at NWC, where he offered as example the charge given in our commissions to "obey the lawful orders", having no mention that they need to be enlightened, optimal or wise.