Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tennoheika Banzai!

The proposed cover art for the Aoshima 1/700 scale model kit of the Japan Naval Self-Defense Force vessel Hyuga:

Note the sinking PLAN carrier Liaoning in the background! Clearly "Operation Senkaku" was a devastating success for the JNSDF and the East China Sea is now an Imperial lake. Poor deluded Rob Farley, clearly baffled by Red Chinese propaganda, claims
"Obviously there’s been some sort of dreadful accident– apparently near the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands– and the Hyuga is rendering desperately needed assistance to the Chinese ship. Those Ospreys are undoubtedly rescuing scores of Chinese crewmen. I can only hope that the goodwill and generosity evident in this artwork helps serve as a bridge between the two great East Asian nations."
Ha! Foolish Yankee, you won't be so amusing when California has become part of the New Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!


  1. Aoshima is fairly smart in under-the-radar marketing. My youngest grandson loves destroying his older brothers model 18-wheelers made by them. They may have opened up a whole new market for themselves. I picture tens of thousands of this Hyuga model being bought in China and then being destroyed by a clog dancing ladycrew of the Liaonang.



  2. Yeah, I'll bet that this one is reeeeal popular among the 8-to-14 demographic in Beijing.

    The note with this was that it is "proposed" for the box art, and I'll bet this was some Japanese guy's idea of a heelarious joke about politics. Wonder how the PLAN boys feel about it, though..?