Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Guys Just Don't Get It!

Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, Commander US Army Pacific is vying for the 2010 Singlaub Award for borderline mutiny. In a March 8 letter to Stars and Stripes, the armed forces daily newspaper, Mixon said President Barack Obama's call for repeal of the "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" law is "ill-advised." He urged troops, military families and veterans who share his sentiments to "write your elected officials and chain of command and express your views."

Of course, since the bulk of the population haven't a clue as to how dead wrong such behavior is, there is not much more that his superiors can do than chastise him, as Adm Mullins did. More appropriate action would only result in a firestorm from the radical right that would only make the President's job even more difficult.

I have no opinion on the issue of the repeal, as I have no first hand knowledge of the current sociological state of the military. I do, however, have an opinion of the general's actions, and he needs to find another line of work. I wonder how LTG Mixon would have handled a captain back in 2004 who took a similar step in expressing his opinion that we should have pulled out of Iraq immediately?


  1. Al,
    The Stars and gripes was wrong to publish the letter.
    If O had balls he'd relieve Mixon.It'd be a great teaching point, but it won't happen since O has given the military a very loose rein.
    BTW i worked for Singlaub , in a former life.

  2. The Sec of Def should tell Mixon, don't let the door hit you in the ass.
    You are fired !!!!

  3. Occasional dissenters aren't much of a problem.
    Media hype personalities like Hindenburg, Rommel, MacArthur & Petraeus are a greater threat to governments (and if applicable; democracy).

  4. It cannot be a mutiny unless there are (at a minimum) 2 parties involved. As the only other party mentioned is the Stars and Stripes newspaper, are you accusing them of participating in a conspiracy or did you have in mind a different word?

  5. Sven,
    This is not about dissent or mutiny , but smacks of political involvement which is a no no for the US military.

  6. Anon,
    How do we know that Gates does not agree with and sympathise with Mixon.?
    I often wonder where Gates loyalties reside. The name Bush keeps popping into mind.

  7. For me the whole question of "Gay Rights" was answered by the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

  8. Ael: It cannot be a mutiny unless there are (at a minimum) 2 parties involved.

    Actually, in the strictest sense of the term, he is acting to incite mutiny. His letter specifically calls upon subordinates to take action to thwart their commander's intent.

    While other generals may have made improper political statements over the years, I can't recall any who issued a "call to arms" as did Mixon.

    Sad. Truly sad.

  9. To all,
    This Mixon name has been ringing bells in my head.
    Wasn't he somehow involved in the Tillman cover up?
    I'm not sure it's inciting mutiny b/c he carefully worded the script to be a political type, democratic letter writing campaign that was designed to play the system. IE write and goose the system.No overt action was suggested otherwise.
    It's interesting that these bozos will oppose the repeal of dadt, but they never question the endless war.

  10. Sorry Aviator, I don't see asking troops to "write their elected officials or chain of command to express their views" as an incitement to mutiny.

    However, it is a *disloyal* stunt, and the military runs on loyalty.

    In the old British tradition, he would be sent to his office to think about matters, where he would happen to find a loaded pistol lying on his desk.

  11. Ael-

    His letter was addressed to those who shared his view opposing the change, not requesting every soldier to speak up pro or con. The purpose was to thwart/defeat the Commander in Chief's express stated intent. It's more than a lack of loyalty.


    Can't find any connection between Mixon and Tillman. Mixon was assigned to Southern Command at the time of the incident.

  12. Let's try and put this in perspective.

    Let's say this is 1947, and this guy writes an open letter to the services to write and call the White House and let President Truman know in no uncertain terms that those rascally Negroes have no business serving alongside decent white men.

    Would he have been relieved?

    I hope so.

    The service chiefs have a duty to advise the Chief Executive on military policy. But when the NCA makes a decision their only duty is to salute and move out smartly or to resign their commissions.

    Their subordinates have NO business running their mouths, period.

    The pre-WW2 Army had an apolitical tradition that went beyond strict. Officers typically didn't vote because to do so was felt to express a political position incompatible with their duty to serve the nation regardless of political party. I'm not saying that we need to go back there, but the politicization of the officer corps that has been proceeding since the end of the Vietnam War really needs to stop.

    If Gates was half the genius he is supposed to be he would use this to bring every swinging flag officer into his office and say, simply: "Gentlemen and -women, shut the fuck up. Now. You're duty is to the Republic, not to your personal views or prejudices. If you can't serve that way, I will expect your resignation on my desk immediately after this meeting. Dismissed."

  13. The modern military is up to its eyebrows in politics. Petraeus, Mullen, McChrystal all constantly play political games (both pro and con for the current and former admins)

    Sauce, goose, gander.

  14. You guys want to know what is really crazy?

    Outside of this forum, (and PC's old site), I have NEVER heard or been instructed as to the "apolitical" stance of officers. One exception, back when Rummy was in charge, we all heard about not being able to opening speak bad about the POTUS, but other then that, not one PowerPoint, not one ethics class, not one block of instruction in any professional development course (that I can remember). Maybe you get this stuff in General "finishing" school, along with that vague concept of "strategy" that you guys always talk about. But once you've been working one way for 20 years, it is kind of too late to try to change your ways.

    The level of professional eduction of both the Officer and NCO ranks is piss poor and borderline depressing.

  15. Mixon to Gates: "So I guess that fourth star is out of the question, eh?"

    Modern generals really do flannel mouth a lot, don't they? But IOTM this incident may actually redound to the benefit of the nation. It demonstrates just how much senior officers have lost their sense of place. This dummy has clearly been seduced by all of the "hero" shit, to the point where he thinks he's important. You will hear comparisons to MacArthur, but Mixon ain't in that league. MacArthur had an MOH, 3 DSCs and 7 Silver Stars, along with a couple of Purple Hearts. MacArthur was an institution. Mixon has...well, he ain't got squat. He's just another bureaucrat whose accomplishments are kind of elusive. What's this guy done for the nation?

    Mixon is an exemplar of the modern general: long on huffin' and puffin' and demanding of respect, but short on delivering the goods. Tell me again all of the wonderful things these guys have done in our modern wars.

    Mixon and many of his contemporaries are lightweights, men not destined to be remembered as militarily significant. We will never have parades for them, nor will we celebrate their accomplishments. But. He and his kind are actually giving us a very valuable truth. First, they're telling us that in an era where our nation has become dangerously polarized, they've cast their lot with the right-wing. We may have secret ballots, but it's clear where these guys stand. Second—and far more serious—they've not accepted Barack Obama as president and as their commander-in-chief. They are every bit as bigoted and resistant to Obama as are most Republican politicians, and they are accomplices in leading the nation down dark corridors. They are literally complicit with the Republican Party in attempting to nullify the results of the 2008 elections. Worse, they are infecting the troops.

    Mixon and too many others have no respect for their commander-in-chief. He, on the other hand, master politician that he is, has shown us he'd rather try to coopt political opponents instead of steamrolling them. We've seen how that's worked out for him. But there is a difference between politicians and generals. Generals are bound by law, oath and tradition to adhere to presidential direction, no matter how much it hurts. Obama doesn't have to coopt them. Or, at least he shouldn't have to. Mixon and several other generals need to be fired. Paradoxically, as a retired officer, I find this to be an urgent need and I've so advised the president.

    Overt Republicans and overt racists. Really nice to see how our military has progressed.

    BTW, some of these generals may actually have some valid military points in the homosexual issue. But that's all lost in the noise now, isn't it? Just shows you how stupid they are.

  16. Publius: literally complicit with the Republican Party in attempting to nullify the results of the 2008 elections

    Exactly what Singlaub wanted to do to Carter in 1978, the GOP tried to do to Clinton for 8 long years, and what these same mutts are trying to do to both Obama and the Democratic majority at present. If they can't win at the ballot box, then they simply try to nullify the legally elected folks.

  17. To all,
    The discomforture that i feel is that a military type is trying to influence a political decision.
    Yes P/McC et al have done so in front of Congress , but this is appropriate to do so in that venue.Mixon's cmts do not measure up to that legitimate function.

  18. For those who have not read Mixon's letter, here it is:

    The recent commentaries on the adverse effects of repeal of the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy were insightful.

    It is often stated that most servicemembers are in favor of repealing the policy. I do not believe that is accurate. I suspect many servicemembers, their families, veterans and citizens are wondering what to do to stop this ill-advised repeal of a policy that has achieved a balance between a citizen’s desire to serve and acceptable conduct.

    Now is the time to write your elected officials and chain of command and express your views. If those of us who are in favor of retaining the current policy do not speak up, there is no chance to retain the current policy.

    Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon
    Fort Shafter, Hawaii

  19. "...a policy that has achieved a balance between a citizen’s desire to serve and acceptable conduct."

    Got that, you homos? Your conduct - loving and caring for someone not of the acceptably-alternate gender - is unacceptable.

    And you Negroes? You need to be less black.

    Lefthanders? Fucking Satanists, every godam one of you!

    And let me sit you down and tell you about the secrets of the Freemasons. I tell you, those inhuman deviant scoundrels...