Monday, July 9, 2018

This is who we are.

No, we're not "better than this".

This is who we are now. This is the nation I served for 22 years. This is the country I swore to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This is the country that sends small children to "court".

If We the People do not hold the people who are doing this, and the people who want this, as the "domestic enemies" of this nation, then that IS who we all are.


  1. Dude, your government tortured and nobody even only lost his or her job over it in a decade since.

    Your government assassinated a citizen without due process - for the crime of speaking out with hostile (admittedly criminal) intentions.

    Your governemnt routinely violates the Charter of the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty, the Kellogg-Briand Pact and other treaties by killing people in distant countries in attacks that were not tolerated much less endorsed by the sovereign governments.

    A child in court doesn't quite register as a wake-up call to me.

    1. There have always been justifications for things like imperialism and racism and fascism. But this? Who the hell sits next to a six-year-old in a "court" and thinks "Gee...can't see anything wrong with this."

      The fact that there's nobody on the inside, nobody involved with these "courts" that's screaming about how insane this is?

      That's the road that lead to the concentration camps in the Philippines, or the butchery of Sand Creek.

      I thought We were past those.

      But apparently not.

    2. This is sickening me the same way the torture apologies sicken me.

      Again, I accept that there were (and are) "arguments" for things like fighting cabinet wars in the Middle East. I think they're idiotic, self-refuting arguments, but I'm willing to accept that the people making them, and agreeing with them, are just fools or grifters and not monsters.

      But when the black sites and the torture emerged, and We the People did nothing...that was not just a question of violating charters and treaties. That was a really simple, obvious choice; it was either a monstrous, evil crime...or you were a monster.

      We chose to be monsters.

      This is another one of those moments.

      It's like a vast number of my fellow Americans are determined to make a mockery of everything that we pretended was true - or, at best, aspired to MAKE true - about our country.

      So a wake-up? No.

      More like a wake.

  2. The bozos are already sporting bumper stickers proclaiming: "Trump 2020". And they are cheering about his pardoning of the Malheur morons.

    I am still stuck working for the 2018 congressional elections. And even if we can take the House back, I don't see a way to finesse the Senate, and that is where we need some beef. Without the Senate and without the Supreme Court you will never be able to bring Trump and Sessions and their stooges to justice for their baby-snatching.

  3. I still think that the public debating whether torture is torture and whether torture is ok was enough of a telltale sign for a fracture in civilisation.

    1. I'm against torture in any form. However I believe it has been around since the dawn of man and probably the debate about it goes back that far also. Doesn't matter, old world or new world, northern latitudes or southern, christian or pagan or whatever. There is an ugly segment of humanity that revels in it and must be kept in check by the rest of us.

      The fracture in civilization you mention has been around for a long time. When they get scared the cowards among us respond with torture. For some reason it seems to make them feel snug and free from harm.

  4. I am informed by my socialist media that many furniture and appliance stores in Canada have removed the "Made in USA" stickers on various brands of appliances. With the tariffs causing the price of steel products going up, consumers seem to have decided that they don't want to buy American.

    1. I note that China has stopped buying American crude and is now going to get it from Iran. US oil companies were shipping half a million barrels of crude a day to China. At an average price of say $70 per barrel that is 350 million dollars per day in lost sales, or 10 billion dollars per month.

      I am reminded of my grandmother Opal. When I was a recalcitrant five year old she used to tell me: "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face!" Our dipshit leader could use the same advice. But I suppose he cares less until it starts hurting profits in the Trump Organization.

    2. I hope old Canadian golfers don't start boycotting warm weather courses in AZ and SoCal. I have always enjoyed a round of golf and a beer afterwards with Manitobans and BC'ers.

  5. Under George W. Bush I literally saw the US teetering on the edge of self-destruction...not obliteration, mind you, but just the fractures growing exponentially as the divides in our society increased.
    The Fly-Over states became havens of stupidity...not because their stupid to begin with, by no means, but rather attracting malcontents who found succor in remote areas to fuel their masturbatory survivalist leanings of,

    "da guvernent gunna take our guu'ns!"

    I suspect these tools really wished the Government would come and take their guns so they could finally, for fuck sakes, claim the victimhood they've always claimed they have been.

    It's a shit show of cry-babies projecting their fears on others...chewing on their fingernails because liberals want them to have health care.

    shitting themselves in a frenzy of panic as a non-white person comes roaming through their neighborhood, knocking on doors, getting a feel for their constituency...or worse, some brown guy served them their food.

    I mean, when a little black girl selling kool-aid on the street is harassed by a fat white lady pissing herself in anger because...yes, she did this because the the little girl

    I mean come some point I think we just need to admit...we've done did the back flip over the edge and we're in free-fall.

    And the worse part is...there's no coming back from this...Trump is deep in with Putin.

    Trump has fucked over his base...and their going to feel their rectums get seriously stretched come 2019 tax season which they discovered that their own Political Favorites lined up behind them, and took their turns fucking each and every one of their constituents in the ass.

    Evangelicals better get used to anal sex, because the GOP is NOT USING LUBE.

    But more over, Trump is killing our economy, destroying our alliances, and certainly not letting an opportunity go by with fucking something or another up

    It's over...we're in free-fall.

    The US is in economic, and political free fall...and 1/3 of the country has lost it's goddamn mind, and is saying, "yes, yes, this is what I want."

    All that is left now is the real sudden stop at the bottom of the historical cliff...I wish it were just how were treating immigrants, but in reality everything is done fucked.

    there really is no coming back from this, now.

    "It's not the fall'n that lower's ones social stand'n, but the real sudden stop at the bottom of the land'n."

  6. Peter Strzok should run for Congress!

  7. I don't know if that would fly mike.

    The Democratic Party has a lot of purists in it...people looking for, well, as Jim Wright puts it, "unicorns."

    And I agree with him...I've noticed it too...too many in the democratic party want a pure ideological specimen to, they find a purist, put them up, and then the flaws begin to show, the shine tarnishes, and the Democratic purists falter, and then grumble when their choice has...rust spots on it.

    Maybe Mr. Strzok would make a good Congressman, maybe not...I think, honestly, and seriously that he will never be given that chance.

    Unicorns...they don't exists, but the hunt for the Unicorn continues.

    1. Sheerakhan -

      I was being facetious. I doubt he would ever want the job. And if ever he did and became a candidate, the full force and wrath and dirty tricks of the dark side would focus on him like a laser beam. The massive wingnut wurlitzer would trash him as bad or worse than what they did to Grandma Clinton.

      A shame though. Strzok I think would make a hell of a candidate, maybe a bull instead of a unicorn.