Monday, September 18, 2017

"What has been will be again,what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

Time changes but events that affect us day to day always seem to be the same thing be it politics, religion, or death. For me, my absence, and occasional appearances in the comments is because of those very changes.

It started off with my father-in-law fighting cancer...six years, multiple myeloma...and it was in the sixth year, his body being eaten away where he finally said enough was enough...he was at the end of his strength, and he had chosen his end. Renal failure or
peptic ulcer was a quiet, painless death, the other would be a messy, blood-bath of pain, and death.

Fortunately for all, the doctors prediction was on the mark, and he passed quietly in his sleep.

My father in law died of renal failure on the tenth day. Sadness enough that affected family for years, but then fate has a way of up-ending the "moving on" that so many counselor's say will come after a death.

What we didn't know because known as she, my mother in law, kept her own decline in health a secret the whole time while her husband passed on in quiet...she was suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer. Inoperable, painful, oh so very painful way for one's life to end...and she didn't want to die...who does?

She fought an inevitable end...I could see it as I held her hand in the was hopeful, but I've been around the dying way to much...I've seen it too much, and I could see her life leaving her...but I kept quiet so that the family could live in hope.

She died a year and half after her husband...the day after I held her hand, seeing the future clearly for her, and realizing I will have a very upset wife soon.

My wife, and my sons were devastated, and there are no words of comfort I could conjure, nor if any came to me would I boldly speak them...silence was the best thing...that...and just me being there.

It's been three years now since those dark days, and it seems the bad times have passed; but I have had my own struggles...nothing serious, though me being in the midst of it means I have to account for myself...I have kidney stones.

Large ones, and to quote the Pathologist who jauntily showed the x-ray of a bullet shaped kidney stone lodged tightly in my ureter, "Your body is trying to pass a 30.06 through a .22 caliber bore."

Funny guy with a smile.

I'm juiced up on morphine. More on that in a sec.

Uric acid kidney stones. Five times...or is it six...I've kind of lost count, now.

The best kind of kidney stones there are...if one is looking to get kidney stones.

Big, soluble bundles of salts that hardened into a nasty little mass and plug the ureter, backing up the urine into the kidney, swelling the kidney to three-to-four times its normal size, pushing up against all the nerves radiating from the spinal column into my body, and lighting up my brain in a bright white, screaming wave of pain...

Level 10+ pain is what I'm locks the body up in a rigor-mortis like contortion, with a jacked up blood pressure peaking at 180/120, or the one time 190/140 and the only thing to bring all that down to a comfortable state is morphine.

Juice him, and keep him juiced till that stone passes.

No long term effects for me to worry about other than a week and half of deep depression to work through the with-drawl as they pump me full of the good stuff...

I have had injuries from football that shocked the doctors...I played with a broken elbow, fractured ribs, fractured neck, broken ankles, dislocated shoulders, and more knee injuries than I can remember...also, concussions...count your fingers and concussions are plenty...all of those painful injuries are nothing compared to the pain of kidney stones.

The thought of kidney stones now cracks my will to live, and the mere thought of that pain strips away the pretension of courage...making room for the want to die, allowing that want to overshadow any and all desire to survive the moment...and somehow, I did...I've come to learn that a good wife is hard to find, a strong wife who grabbed my will and shielded it in my weakness, helped me through my darkest thoughts...I am blessed and humbled by my wife.

Also, I don't recommend level 10+ leaves me with a bad outlook on life...not good for the spirit.

So now I grumble about religion and politics...I'm done with death, thank you very much...and so I've turned my attention to Mr. Trump...and the Republicans.

Trump's desire to be something he could never be even if he wanted to is his perennial quest to be a man of integrity, character, a President...and he can't help but fail at it.

So he struts his ignorance, he mutters his limitations, and through it all he curses the heavens in rage that reality is constantly impinging on his delusions...

Presidential...Obama was Presidential, but Mr. Trump is failing at it...failing because that is all he knows how to, he signals his intention to throw more US military lives into the grinder called Afghanistan...but maybe he won't, maybe he will, might not....probably will...or call it all off.

See, the problem we have is the same problem I have with my kidney stones...inconsistency...if I knew my kidney stones would appear once a year...okay, I can prepare myself for that...but they don't...they form whenever they please...and Mr. Trump is the same way...this uncertainty is what keeps people on edge, stresses them, chokes them with concern, and stresses plans for the future...

Trump says this is what he intends, that he is the creator of this uncertainty. Though I agree he is the source of the uncertainty, I doubt his creativity is purposeful of it is apparent to me based on his very public frustration that no one seems to get or appreciate his touted, yet non-existent genius. The uncertainty he creates isn't intentional or willful, but an inevitable result of his inability to judge circumstances and/or make sound decisions.

He's is a self-made victim of the Law of Unintended Consequences...the unfortunate reality for us is...we're going to be suffering from those Consequences as well.

And like my kidney stones...we will feel those Consequences, unsure of what we are feeling, sensing, but we know whatever it is it's coming...and the worst part is...we know intuitively that it is not going to be a good thing.

I have the seen the truth of Ecclesiastes 1:9 in history...unfortunately, the want and will to learn from those recurring events in history doesn't seem to be of much interests to those who should be interested.


  1. sheerakhan -

    Sorry to hear. Stay strong for that good wife of yours.

    My brother in-law had those also. His were little ones. Only the size of beebees, but they had sharp crystallized points. Docs had him take some sort of diuretic. Have forgotten the name but will find out. Plus they had him drink massive amounts of grapefruit juice.

  2. sheerakhan -

    My brother-in-law is on zyloprim now. Which supposedly prevents a recurrence. He is not confident it will work.

  3. Damn, Sheerah.'s...damn.

    I'm incredibly sorry to hear this. Wish I could say anything else, or more, or different. That's just shitty all the way down. for Orange Foolius, I'm afraid that you're entirely too kindly towards him. I don't think he "desires to be" anything other than richer at his chumps' expense. I don't think he's searching for anything other than lucre, I don't think he's thinking about...well, I honestly have no idea what the goofy fucker thinks about assuming he DOES think. His speeches are a bizarre word-salad full of insane dystopian gobbledegook; "American carnage" and "the world is going to hell". WTF? Where the frack does THAT come from? Half the time he's a bog-standard Republican. the other half he sounds like a ten-year-old Doomsday Prepper...

    While I think it's natural and very human to try and make more of his moronic belligerence than it is - after all, we're ALL stuck with Il Douche for another three years and change - we need to face up to the fact that a nasty minority of our "fellow citizens" put this tangerine turd in our collective pocket to do just what he's doing; knuckle the darkies and the bitches and the lib'ruls in order to Make America Even More Of A White Christian Plutocracy Again.

    He's out kidney stone, and we need to work to crush and pass him as painlessly, and quickly, as possible...

  4. Good article about "normalizing" His Fraudulency here:

  5. Thanks Mike, and I think your Brother-in-Law has what some would call the "Jacks" stones...little white stones that look like Jacks that are spikey, painful, and make grown men cry with good reason.

    Not only does your BiL have my sympathy, he has my complete and total understanding...from what I've learn it's mostly diet, and quite possibly DNA betrayal from one's ancestors. My diet now is mostly vegetables, with meat being less than 8ozs a day, and bread has to be treated as a meat portion. My enemy now is Purines...and other than clear water, everything has purines in it.

    Thanks is enough for me that you recognize the absurdity of it all. Thank you.

    btw, I like the link. The part that resonated with me is...

    "What they have to report brings ruin to what they have to respect. So they occasionally revise it into something they can respect: at least a little."

    So does one do their job and reconcile the fact that either one spins one's wheels all day trying to explain the unexplainable to an increasingly exasperated readership, or surrender to the Lords of Chaos, and follow suit and just make sh*t up?

    Hmm...something,'s always there, but never so clear that one has to stare at the object longer just to see if the shape is humanoid, and thus explainable; or Cthulhu rising from the deep.

    With Mr. Trump...I think we have our version of Cthulhu, and Washington DC has become the city of nightmares.

  6. As a young man I couldn't understand how anyone could contemplate death with ease. Now that my body is slowly failing I can understand completely how someone could be "half in love with easeful Death".

    I wish our national troubles were as simple as Combover Caligula. But...consider that after almost a year of ridiculously vile cruelty, cretinous stupidity and moron-grade lying and decision-making...well over 80% of Republican voters love this guy. He's a Teatard wet dream, hating and hurting all the people they hate. Think about that for a moment. Nearly two-fifths of the citizens of a supposedly-self-governing polity prefer to hand their nation's highest executive office to an incompetent moron rather than sacrifice the opportunity to indulge their cherished resentment and prejudices.

    No popular democracy can long withstand that level of stupidity. And consider that the nation in question is immense and socially and economically complex and you get a perfect storm of derp.

    Trump isn't the disease. He's the symptom of the sickness that radical reactionary Rightwing nuts have been incubating since Goldwater. The only question left now is the degree to which these people can take this country towards the White Christopathic plutocracy of their fantasies...

  7. Sheerakhan -

    BiL had the stones a few years ago. He is hoping they do not come back.

    I note that the Father of ISIS is supposed to meet the Father of PussyGrabbers today in NYC. Will probably take him on a grand tour of the Dork Tower to convince him to open up another Trump property in Turkey.

  8. Sheerah, question: do these stones form because of a kidney disease? As radical as it might seem, could something like a kidney transplant help?

    1. No, the enemy is purines.

      Uric acid kidney stones.

      Unrestricted growth (largest one I had was 14mm x 5.5mm x 6mm), the usual size for me has been hovering around 8mm x 6mm x 5mm

      But purines are the enemy.

      So for me it's water, water, water...I'm told to drink, at minimum, 1gal of fluid a day.../ it's been ~64ozs of water, and another 48oz's of whatever tea I can drink.

      Beers, whiskey, wine are all "how nice, did you drink your water first?"

      I had an ultra-sound and they found two kidney stones deep in meat of both kidneys (one in each)...both are ~5mm round...they haven't moved, so I'm looking at getting them pulverized by sound waves.

      Which, I'll assume with a hefty amount of experience and confidence that is a lot better than waiting for them to maneuver out of their space and into the ureter.

  9. Pain without purpose is the worst this world has to offer. You have my sympathy and prayers.

    PF Khans