Monday, December 2, 2013

The Jade Rabbit


  1. It's going to be interesting whether they can ignite much foreign popular interest in the videos and sensor results from the moon's surface.

    More attention than Pathfinder once got would probably signal respect and attention for China much more than interest in the moon.

    American PR qualities and the legacy of the Apollo missions have helped its space adventures of the last 20 years to attract more attention than their actual research justified in relation to non-American space missions.

  2. You are probably correct, Svenn.

    I like the Chinese naming conventions though - good PR. Chang-E the moon goddess and her moon rabbit will certainly upstag Pathfinder or Soyuz (Union) and her Zond (probe) module IMHO,

  3. upstag = upstage of course

  4. So far German media pays attention, but news are slow anyway (except for news about our new federal ruling coalition).

    Interestingly, the articles pay much attention to Chinese anxieties until the landing succeeded and generally to how the Chinese look at this. The moon itself doesn't seem to be the story this time. (I suppose grey dust is a bit less sexy than red dust + red rocks.)
    The stories are more about the spacefaring nation China.
    This may change once the tools report something of interest about the moon, of course.

  5. Svenn -

    The media coverage here is kind of similar to what you describe in Germany: a little ho-hum about another moon exploration mission and more about China's goals in space.

    The Mare Imbrium after all has been previously explored by Apollo and Lunakhod (albeit only superficially). That media ho-hum attitude may change though if the Jade Rabbits first ever Ground-Penetrating-Radar on the moon makes any discoveries. Wonder why they did not land as planned in the Sinus Iridum?